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Wednesday, May 2

Rachael on People Mag

In case you weren't aware, Rachael Ray is a celebrity, and getting the cover of People magazine proves it. Definitively.

She looks good with her signature big necklace (could that be a shoutout to Oprah?) and spray-on tan she's been rocking lately.

"I can't give a man an enormous amount of attention," Ray, 38, tells PEOPLE matter-of-factly in this week's cover story. "And John is totally down with that. When men I have dated over the years whined about, 'Oh, you make no time for me' – see ya! I just dumped them. I don't need that pressure in my life."

In the article, Rachael addresses the rumors of infidelity, plastic surgery, dissing Oprah and pretty much everything else she's been accused of. Way to go for being so candid, Rach!

All of this stuff comes with being in the public eye and Rachael is definitely starting to be known for more than just "her cooking." It's only natural that people are becoming more and more interested in her personal life, too.




At 5/03/2007 8:09 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I'll have to pick this up when I go to the grocery store. I know I have asked if she had her eyes done, I am curious, I must admit!

At 5/04/2007 12:39 PM , Blogger Noah said...

I love your blog!!

At 5/11/2007 12:27 PM , Blogger jacob said...

jennifer: let me know how the full article is.

noah: thanks!


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