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Monday, June 4

TNFNS Episode 1 Recap

Spoiler Alert for those who haven't caught the episode and want to be surprised, don't read on.

For those who did catch it (I found myself bored with the MTV Movie Awards pretty quick) or just don't care, here's what went down.

Food Network does have at least one advantage when it comes to other food reality shows, as it has a slew of recognized and famous tv chefs already on its payroll. For the first episode, they didn't hold back.

Bobby Flay, Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine of "Dinner:Impossible" all made cameos. Luckily, the show only has 9 episodes so it doesn't look like they'll run out (and you know Ina won't leave the confines of the Hamptons for something like this).

Contestants had to first design a dish that "describes them" and get judged on their presentation, taste, and creativity.

Colombe won for this deliciousness:

It actually sounded better than it looked.

Everyone was pretty freaked when they presented in front of the judges, so I'm surprised they could even pick a "winner." Maybe Colombe was the least bad?

They also had to decorate a wedding cake for a real wedding set to occur later that day. Amy, who chitterchats about France all day, won after she "tried to think of what a little French girl would want for her wedding cake."

Once again... the least bad? Her blue dots were inspired by the "pretty blue crystals" on the chandeliers. I think she won because she actually knew how to roll fondant. Next...

Bobby Irvine is there because, surprise, they have to cater a wedding in 6 hours for 100 people. A commenter on yesterday's post pointed out that this isn't really a typical need of a Food Network star. They don't have to budget recipes, work on a team or, in some cases, even cook the food (as those assistants have those handy swap-outs).

Still, it makes for good television and don't question Bob Tuschman.

Basically, Colombe's team dropped the ball. They spent less than $800 of their $2,300 budget, ran out of food and pretty much sucked compared to Amy's team.

Colombe, Patrick and Vivien were in the bottom three.

Patrick and Vivien went home. Colombe, once again, looked a little dead/out of it (all that exercising?) but managed to stay in it.

Patrick was just not engaging enough from the start.

Vivien was a little scary. She didn't comfort me like Paula or make me laugh like Ina or make me jealous like Rachael (she's rich, y'all!). Plus, everything she made included rice vinegar and sesame oil. Every. Thing. Had she made it to a dessert challenge, you'd surely be seeing a rice vinegar and sesame oil cupcake.

Sorry for the lateness. I can't promise full reviews like this one, but I'll try. There's only 8 left, after all.

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At 6/04/2007 10:05 PM , Anonymous Pat said...

I wasn't planning to watch, but I totally got sucked in last night!

Most of the wedding cakes were God-awful! I liked Paul's, with the two grooms, and Amy's was at least simple and elegant. Unlike the "Texas Sunset" debacle.

Interesting that Tuschman cautioned Amy about over-doing the Paris angle, since that's what many Ina-phobes object to. ("I've been there and you haven't.")

JAG won't make it through since he's just Guy Fieri with a bit of an accent, and Vivien was DOA. She's stunning but not dynamic, and she rambled a bit. Colombe and Rory won't last long at this rate. Michael has been efficient and professional so far, but hasn't stood out yet.

Loved that moment between Paul and Nikki when they see that Tommy used chicken stock in the polenta. ("Mmm-hmmm!") Nikki's done two desserts now, so I'm interested to see what else she comes up with. She recovered much better from the cobbler-tini incident than I would have. I would have been mortified!!

Adrien, what can I say. My heart flutters...

At 6/05/2007 12:10 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

Great recap, and yep I got sucked into watching it -- the show was actually pretty good, albeit a little too much stress for my watching.

For what it is, here's my "personality" recap:

* Shoot Columbe -- she's got whiney bitch written all over her.

* Adrien? Pretty but no personality

* JAG -- he's just scary. He does scowl and copt this Marine attitude *all* the time. Most of the time I just feel like telling him, "F^&k off."

* Paul does have a lot personality, but it's a double-edged sword. He also comes across someone who would smile in your face and then stab you in the back just to get ahead (Ha! Team him with Sandra Lee!) I think he's in your face gayness won't play well in Middle Ameica.

* Rory has a high whine factor -- she'll be heading out asap, along with Columbe and Jag.

* The housewife does have her moments, especially cooking-wise. But her French-o-phile personality is going to wear thing quickly.

* Look for Tommy to stay near the top. The judges felt he knew how to work a crowd (a la Paula Deen). But his weight will be a problem.

* Hate to say but bye-bye Patrick -- you were nice, but too mique toast.

* Brazil chick was gorgeous, but I think every other woman watching TV just wanted to throw something at her. She also had wet-lint personality. Bye-bye.

* The Salmon guy is a real team player. Dunno if he has enough sparkle for the winning spot, which leads me to my prediction:

* I think the winner will be Nikki. She's got a very spunky attitude, was *very* creative when faced with a challenge (no ingredients for her dessert), Knows how to make an impression (her side comment to Bobby Flay after spilling on him was perfect.) I think she would play well with the young demographic FN is seeking. And the girl *knows* how to dress.

So that's my predictions after episode 1.

And I swear if Jag "uh-rah's" I'm gonna puke.


At 6/05/2007 11:36 PM , Blogger Noah said...

please do recaps of this show! this was great.

At 6/06/2007 8:24 AM , Blogger jacob said...

pat: I think the way Ina speaks of Paris is very different from the way Amy was. It's so early in the competition, though. Editors probably just kept in anything French-sounding so Tuschman's criticism seemed memorable.

harry: my prediction, too!

noah: thanks. i'll do my best.

At 6/07/2007 2:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the judges said something to Amy about her many references to the French. It really does make her sound quite snobbish.

Not too fond of Colombe. I agree with the previous poster that said she was too wishy-washy. She did a bad job of managing her team, but then blames everyone else for messing up.

I think Tommy is a great guy. I hope he makes it through to the finals.

At 6/08/2007 10:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a slight crush on Jag. Colombe is boring. I want to tell Amy, shut up ALREADY about French cooking!

At 6/09/2007 7:37 PM , Anonymous curmudgeonfish said...

Nikki had a certain arrogance that turns me off to her. She gave off an "I'm right and everyone else is wrong!" vibe in the first episode. Talking down to Robert Irvine wasn't a very good move, and the moment where he shot her down with three words was priceless!


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