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Friday, July 6

Guessing Game

Not much to report today, but I thought I'd end your weekend with a little guessing game.

[Click on the photo to see who it is]

Real hard, eh? :-) Maybe take this FN-star's advice this weekend and dump two bottles of wine into a crock pot.



Then, umm... drink it out with crazy straws.




At 7/06/2007 7:13 PM , Blogger Emilie said...

Are you excited about the new shows?

At 7/06/2007 9:50 PM , Blogger Mark said...

There's probably only one person using the slow cooker on FN. And I guess it's some kind of spiced sangria?

At 7/06/2007 10:21 PM , Blogger Jen said...

maybe aunt sandy is making "kiddie" cocktails again...

At 7/07/2007 7:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

".....it's cocktail time with Aunt Sandy!!"

At 7/07/2007 12:40 PM , Blogger Phillip said...

Will you please comment on the new(ish?) 30 Minute Meal episodes, post-fame for Rachel? The kitchen got all neon orange, so that I get a headache after watching for a few minutes and they added a bass beat to the theme song? This is all too much...

At 7/07/2007 4:13 PM , Blogger Mark said...

I just watched that too. The opening was so bad! It looked like some cheap computer work. My least favorite part was the lighting. The whole set looked so dark. The only thing I liked was her hair.

At 7/07/2007 4:35 PM , Blogger getinmyface said...

Crazy straws!

I'm kind of nervous about this Simply Delicioso show. Maybe it's the big medallion the lady has dangling in her cleavage in the commercial that scares me.

At 7/08/2007 2:16 AM , Blogger Emilie said...

I agree. I'm scared of that woman...and her cleavage.

At 7/08/2007 9:43 PM , Blogger Phillip said...

I'm sure the recap of this NFNS episode is coming up soon, but can I say how I honestly don't care at all who wins at this point? They're all coming off as whiny, insecure individuals that I would not want to watch at all. And the challenges? I'm sorry, they're not auditioning to be the next Iron Chef and the commentating part is crap too. Even Alton Brown admits that he studies up about the secret ingredient and such before every Iron Chef battle. His whole attitude in this episode is very off-putting for such a normally likable guy. I know he has to "bust their balls" a bit... but he just got obnoxious.

At 7/08/2007 10:43 PM , Blogger jacob said...

emilie: I'm usually negative to begin with, which isn't always the best way to go into a new show. i'll try to be more open-minded this time.

mark: good guess.

jen: haha. the kids only get one bottle.

anon: when is it not cocktail time?

phillip: i just saw it for the first time today. it is weird. i'll post about it soon.

mark: yeah, her hair rocks.

getinmyface: i'm just annoyed with the regular annoucer-man trying to pronounce "delicioso."

emilie: get used to it. they're going to make emeril start showing some soon.

phillip: yeah, i definitely think "ball busting" was encouraged by the stars this season. it was weird seeing Alton in that position, but strangely exciting when Giada was doing it... haha. i honestly don't know who'll be in the final two or who the public will vote for.

At 7/09/2007 8:43 AM , Anonymous jeff said...

I must have missed that episode. Was she preparing 1)Beef Bourgignone in a Crock-Pot, 2)Coq au Vin with red wine, or 3)one great big batch of sangria?


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