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Wednesday, August 15

Change your homepage to wvva.com!

I'm done with CNN, the New York Times and the like. I've even turned my back on our own Washington Post.

From now on, I will only get my news from www.wvva.com, Bluefield, West Virginia's SOURCE for critical news updates, life-saving health information and generous use of the ellipses.

Come See the Circus at the State Fair

What would a fair be without the always-exciting circus acts?

We caught up the Espana family..also known as the M-R-V Team. They've been entertaining families for four generations.

The family started on the flying trapeze...which they still do today.

They've also added the Sphere of Fear to their act...performing daredevil stunts on dirt-bike motorcycles.

If this isn't enough for the Espana family, you can believe they'll find the next best thing to keep you coming back for more.

"Whatever boosts our adrenaline rush...I guess...just whatever keeps us going...new stunts, going faster...bigger bikes", says Visan Espana.

The Espana family is performing several times a day throughout the remainder of the fair.

Make sure you get by and check them out.

Oh I will check them out, WVVA. I will do whatever you will me to do.

I am not kidding about the ellipses, though. Way to take an email standard and make it mainstream.

I was actually just searching for the News 6 interview with Jamie and Bobby Deen when I stumbled upon this gem.

:-) This ends our sidebar into WVVA. I'll return to Food Network shortly.




At 8/15/2007 6:34 PM , Blogger Jesse said...

News stories like this I
do quite love.

They are very informative...entertaining...thought provoking.

I wonder...if they wrote an expose on Ina Garten
...how it would go.

Most likely it would end with...Jeffrey...bring me the good Mayonaise.

At 8/16/2007 12:15 PM , Anonymous AJ said...

Even more newsworthy ... NEW CLOCK COMING TO BLUEFIELD

quote: "I think its going to enhance our historic district. I don't think there will be anyone who won't appreciate its beautyā€¯


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