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Monday, September 24

Heavy Flo Day

You can take this post's title in several different ways-- none of which I want to think of this Monday morning.

Anyhow, one might assume Tyler Florence--in his new(ish) bride and baby bliss--would slow down a bit and take a breather. Not so for Mr. Flo. He's apparently always working.

Here's a photo from Tyler's recent article in 7x7 magazine, San Francisco's "hottest lifestyle magazine."

Hmm... I may be mixing my country music metaphors.

Tyler's blog informs us that he's been to Montana, New York, Kansas City, (back home to) San Fran, and New York again. He's even fit in some time to shoot more episodes of Tyler's Ultimate.

There's a Macy's campaign link you can check out, too. I can't get it to open right now. Dang firewalls!


Well, another weekend flys by. I'm excited for the upcoming weeks, though.

I have been back from Vegas for a week now, but I feel like I'm still recovering. Oh yes, forgot to mention that lil' trip;-) What happens in Vegas... stays with O.J., I suppose. I ate some amazing food while in sin city, but sadly didn't make it to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill or either of the two Mario Batali joints inside my hotel. Tao restaurant was calling my name too loudy.

I'm headed to New York this weekend and will even go back for a little Columbus day action on the 8th and 9th. Should be fun times. Maybe I'll even run into Tyler!

Enjoy the week!




At 9/24/2007 5:39 PM , Blogger Michael said...

Have you heard of Tony Tanillo? He is a "produce expert" and has a bunch of videos on Better.tv. He reminds me SO MUCH of Michael Chiarello, it's weird. He is definitely someone I would become obsessed with if he had a show on Food Network, which I'm surprised he doesn't.


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