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Monday, October 1

Choosing a Post's Title Is as Easy as Pie

While monitoring the activities of not just the Food Network but also the news and events surrounding the channel's personalities can be difficult, determining a title for each blog post or article is often a challenging task.

I try to avoid the cooking/food related plays-on-words as much as possible, since I think they're way too overused in food writing. But it can often seem unavoidable.

But take a look at this article in The Towerlight, which bills itself as "Baltimore's #1 College Paper."

The article, titled "Baltimore's 'Ace' Is a Piece of Cake," should theoretically describe some sort of aspect of the show that is easy, since "piece of cake" means "not difficult." However, the article's writer (bless her heart) never quite gets around to explaining the reason for the title-- other than it being a handy play-on-words that happens to have a word in common with the show's title.

In my book, that's not close enough.

Close... but no cigar.





At 10/01/2007 10:53 PM , Blogger amanda said...

I'm so proud of your dissemination of this pun and the author's sad attempt at one. You would make Mrs. Sherwood proud if she could read this. :)


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