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Tuesday, December 11

Sandra Lee on the 700 Club???

Nothing says "cocktail time" like the 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson!

Here's the viddy from YouTube:

"One of the top three cooking shows!"

Sandra Lee hit up the CBN show recently to peddle her memoir. It's kind of weird that they lumped it together with her other books (cookbooks) in the little video, but whatever.

"The arc of the story was really hard to get into."

Umm... story arc, Sandra? Sounds more like an episode of Six Feet Under than a non-fiction memoir. I don't think I'd refer to the hard part of my own life as a "story arc," but whatever.

"You do have to be thoughtful about sodium content and health..."

Wow! Can't believe she actually brought that up. This might be the first time she acknowledged canned and packaged products aren't really that good for you. Well, kind of acknowledged it, but whatever.

"[My grandma's] in love with you... in a good way!"

Umm... kinda weird, Sandra. But whatever.

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At 12/11/2007 9:03 PM , Anonymous Shannon said...

She scares me.

At 12/11/2007 9:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I always sort of figured Aunt Sandie to be a not-very-bright, wealthy, airhead, alcoholic who specializes in white trash fare for young, uneducated, married women. But overall she seemed basically harmless. I'm frankly a little surprised that she allowed herself to appear on the program of a rabid homophobe whack-job like Pat Robertson. It's disturbing and creepy that she doesn't find his lizard-brained positions on social issues offensive. Very unhip.
Is Pat aware of her vodka consumption?

At 12/11/2007 11:24 PM , Anonymous Clutch_fan_74 said...

Wow! I'm totally floored that the fundamentalist whack-jobs at CBN even thought to put her on their show! I wonder if they've seen any of her programs and know how much free-flowing alcohol their seems to be going on? I'm not bashing drinking, not by a long shot, but when you think 700 club, you don't automatically think Sandra Lee. Yeah cuz drinking and showing your boobs to the universe and Pat Robertson go so well together! Uh huh--like alcohol at a Mormon wedding! Sure it does!Props to her for finally admitting that the very stuff she advocates for using in recipes (prepackaged foods) will no doubt kill you in the end! *laughing*

At 12/12/2007 4:25 PM , Blogger Marc said...

Gramma Dicey is rollin' in her grave.

At 12/12/2007 5:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Chef Lee touched Pat Robertson's leg.


Is there any man she won't flirt with???

At 12/12/2007 6:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandra to giddy for this gig. Had she had a few drinks?

At 12/13/2007 11:16 AM , Blogger jacob said...

shannon: she does in this video, especially.

anon: yeah... who knows why she made the appearance. I don't think the Today show or barbara walters was banging on her door, so she chose the next "best" thing.

clutch: yeah, they didn't show any "cocktail times" in her segment. Pat was probably worried he'd give in to temptation.

marc: spinning.

anon: ummm... no, there isn't.

anon: I'm sure she had a few "refreshers" beforehand.

At 12/13/2007 11:25 AM , Anonymous Jeff said...

I don't really trust Pat Robertson...this is the same person who claimed he could lift 2,000 pounds with his legs alone...uh-huh. And, if we're talking about Sandra Lee, who never met--or made--a cocktail she didn't like...it's her answer to semi-homemade sacramental wine.

At 12/13/2007 6:05 PM , Blogger Wicked Good Dinner said...

What an odd pair.

At 12/13/2007 10:26 PM , Anonymous Rachel said...

Ok, is anyone else disturbed that they describe her as someone who combines good taste and nutrition? I don't think I've ever seen a remotely healthy....or appetizing recipe on her show. for example - http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_25303,00.html

At 12/15/2007 7:02 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm also one of those anti-700 Club people who is surprised. My (odd) love for Sandy has just dropped down a couple of notches right there!

At 12/16/2007 5:50 PM , Blogger Malissa said...

I caught the "healthy" word used in the intro. Also, she says that 70% of your shopping is in the aisles and 20% on the perimeter...any beginning nutrition class teaches exactly the opposite!!

At 1/03/2008 12:59 PM , Anonymous Dana Lynne said...

It is sad to see so many unfavourable comments about Sandra Lee's programme on Food Network. With so many overweight chefs and the like appearing on the various cooking shows, it is refreshing to see someone like Sandra who is beautifully slim and attractive. She sets such a fine example in taking care of herself. Sandra, your recipes are fascinating and innovative. Keep up the good work.


Dana Lynne


At 4/14/2008 11:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is a hack and a loser trailer park bitch. Her food is as gross as her saggy implants and her tablescapes. Could one hate her more?


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