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Saturday, December 15

Vintage Venison Bobby F.

It's weird when you refer to 1999 as "vintage," but that's what this video is.

Here, Bobby Flay cooks with Adam Pascal and Jesse L. Martin, original cast members of the Broadway musical Rent in this Hot Off the Grill clip.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... is it wrong that I find this clip boring?

Bobby hasn't changed. One. Bit.

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At 12/16/2007 4:03 AM , Anonymous athena said...

Yeah, it's seriously bore-a-licious. It's too weird with the constant chit chat between the audience and flay,make the grub already sheesh.

At 12/16/2007 10:51 AM , Anonymous Conrad5 said...

That background music sounded like the soundtrack from a 1970s-era porno. What was Jaqui Malouf’s purpose on this show, to make Bobby the second-most annoying person in the room?

At 12/16/2007 8:12 PM , Anonymous Shannon said...

Ahhh! Squee! I LOVE RENT! okay i am calm. Adam and food. hmm yum.

At 12/16/2007 10:17 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

Wow. I adore Rent, but man, that was tough to watch. Sometimes I think Bobby would be good for insomniacs. LOL

At 12/17/2007 1:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Boring! I love me some Jesse L. Martin, but I seriously need to take a nap now.

And yes, I believe Jacqui's sole purpose is to make Bobby Flay palatable. He's much less annoying when she's around.

How glad am I that they no longer play re-runs of this awful show!

At 12/18/2007 11:34 AM , Blogger jacob said...

athena: i think FN used to think that "real people" in the audience was just so exciting, but it just comes across as infomercially.

conrad: yeah, nothing like royalty-free music to spice up an already-boring segment.

shannon: i know...i'd watch "pascal's palate" or some show like that.

kristen: yeah, they really served no purpose. just random guest stars who happened to be in NY.

anon: Again, I think FN used to think having a bubbly actress (like in this show, how to boil water, etc.) would make the show less boring. It wasn't until they discovered "production value" that they found out what would truly make an engaging show.


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