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Thursday, January 3

A "Good" Ina Parody

While most of the Ina Garten parody videos I've found on YouTube make fun of the Barefoot Contessa's weight or unhealthy food choices, this two-part video is actually pretty tame... and very funny in parts.

See?! Nothing mean in that at all, but still hilarious.

Major props to the video creators for a) recreating that signature Ina music that plays while she's cooking or moseying down to the market, and b) popping that collar. Ina would be proud!

I also love the "I prefer milk from Dolce & Gabbana" line.

HOWEVER, Ina would NEVER use Morton's iodized table salt or pre-ground black pepper! 2 points off for that.

What do y'all think? Was it a "good" Ina parody?




At 1/03/2008 4:33 PM , Blogger David said...

I love the classic Ina shrug and smirk. Brilliant!

At 1/03/2008 5:01 PM , Anonymous jae said...

I was rather fond of the repeated "How easy was that?"

At 1/03/2008 8:17 PM , Anonymous mundane said...

Very funny and harmless. I, too, like the shrug and smirk! But what a starchy meal with nothing with any color being served! :)

At 1/04/2008 12:38 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Haha I love the D&G milk line too! True Ina fashion- milk, cheese, & butter.

At 1/04/2008 8:51 PM , Blogger jacob said...

david: i know. sweet.

jae: he got it down.

mundane: yeah--Ina would have something green up in there. Broccoli? Spinach?

kate: Now that I think of it, she'd have probably used D&G heavy cream and just forgone the milk altogether.

At 1/05/2008 7:43 PM , Blogger John said...

The guy is both spot-on and adorable as a button. Though it would've been funnier with a wig, it was still believable. I thought for a minute that Ina had magically transformed into a 19-year old skinny gay boy! How easy is that?

I'd like to see him do Rachael Ray next.

At 1/05/2008 11:00 PM , Blogger Wicked Good Dinner said...

This was brilliant - OMG I love it! He really nailed her on-air personality. The Casio in the background was classic!

At 1/08/2008 1:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was great but Ina would have spent a little more time explaining the table setting. I am pretty sure she would have gone out to her garden and gotten hydrangias!

At 1/10/2008 2:37 PM , Anonymous Brian G said...

That was cute. I'm glad he didn't make fun of her, because I think she's the best; this felt more like an "I love her so I'll take the piss out of her" thing.

Also, he's really cute, but a little too fem for me...unless he was trying to act like Ina, who actually is a woman. Hmm.

At 1/10/2008 3:49 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

Waah, You Tube says it is no longer available. Did Ina pull the plug? :-)

At 1/11/2008 12:17 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

Ahhh, I could see it today. Love the Dolce and Gabbana line, "Or Fendi will do in this case." ... The only thing he should have added was tell his guests the proverbial, "Don't have any fun without me" line. ... That, and the guests weren't stuck up or gay enough. :-)


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