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Wednesday, January 16

SPOILER: AoC Harry Potter Cake

The season premiere of Ace of Cakes is next Thursday, January 24 at 10:30pm on Food Network.

Photos of the cake the gang at Charm City Cakes made for this episode--the Harry Potter cake--have surfaced!

I'm told this is CCC's largest cake to date.

Daniel Radcliffe and other stars from the movie will make an appearance in the episode.


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At 1/16/2008 1:19 PM , Anonymous lemmonex said...

I love the show and designs, really just always wonder how good they can actually taste...

At 1/16/2008 1:21 PM , Anonymous suicide_blond said...

i dont reallly watch the show... and the cakes seem a bit goofy..BUT..Duf..is def on my "list"

At 1/16/2008 1:31 PM , Blogger Lewis said...

I'm with lemmonex, I too have often wondered just how good one of those cakes could taste. I mean yes, they look cool and all but how much fondant and carving chocolate on a cake can you have and it still taste good?

I am excited to see the new season though!

At 1/16/2008 3:19 PM , Anonymous Shannon said...

I can't wait to see this episode. I love harry potter.

At 1/16/2008 4:09 PM , Anonymous Wendy said...

Very much looking foreword to the new season.

At 1/16/2008 4:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As with most of CCC's best creations, that cake's got "Jeff" written all over it; CCC & Duff would be nothing without him.

At 1/16/2008 4:56 PM , Blogger Kate said...

I'm jealous that Duff & crew got to meet the cast of Harry Potter! I too wonder how their cakes actually taste...

At 1/16/2008 6:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt that they would still be in business or as repeatedly sought after as they are if their product tasted like crap.
While I cannot personally speak for their quality, I do have friends who have gotten cakes from them that have said that they're awesome.

At 1/17/2008 10:46 AM , Blogger roopa said...

I, too, used to be really skeptical of the quality of the cakes. However, I'm a believer now. I got to try some of their cakes at a benefit I went to in September.

Long story short: their cakes are wonderful. The cakes themselves were very good (although the flavors could have been stronger), and the frosting was impeccable - impossibly silky and not overly sweet. You can read my review here.

At 1/22/2008 9:17 PM , Blogger Sunny said...

Dan and cake... I don't think it gets better than that!

At 1/22/2008 10:10 PM , Anonymous Clutch_fan_74 said...

The PotterCast most recent episode features an interview with Duff on making the cake etc.
You can check it out if interested by visiting

At 8/27/2010 5:51 AM , Anonymous Sithgamer said...

I have had the privilege to taste one of their cakes. My cuz had just finished his last chemotherapy treatment and is now cancer free. For his party his family got a race car cake from Ace of Cakes. There cakes are amazing! The detail is grand and you can tell that they did their homework and put a TON of effort making each cake wonderful. Although the cake my look perfect.. it still comes down to the question. "how do they taste?". THEY TASTE SO GOOD!


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