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Friday, February 1

Anderson Cooper Pulls Ahead

May I take a moment to sway ever-so-slightly away from my reguarly scheduled Food Network postings and let you all know about a possible new addiction I am facing?

Anderson Cooper

Perhaps it's the writers' strike. Perhaps it's all of the political coverage.

Whatever it is, I find myself watching at least part of his nightly CNN show 360... every night.

His hair is always perfectly trimmed-- his outfit neat, but with enough trend and edge to say, "I'm young, cool CNN."

Or perhaps it's the fact that he blogs like a 13-year-old girl:

Ladies and gentlemen…drum roll please…we NOW officially have a GOP front runner. Put your hands together for Senator John McCain. AND on the Dem side…no clear front runner, but Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Florida, there were no delegates up for grabs because of some political infighting…imagine that!!! NOW..word has it Rudy, who put all his eggs in the Florida basket will bow out… Never a dull moment on the campaign trail!!!

He's probably gotten middle-school girls to text their friends: "OMG... OBAMA is totes HOTT!!! U C Hillarys HAIR lst nite? LOL. 4ReAl!"

And that is a good thing.


I did watch the new Ace of Cakes last night, of course. Seeing Geof in little red shorts playing softball was a cute way to end the night.

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At 2/01/2008 12:50 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Wow, you make a lot references to guys here at your blog. I need to ask you a personal question.
Are you homosexual ?
If you like seeing Ace of Cakes Geoff in red shorts, then maybe I shouldn't be asking you this question.

Let us know what way you swing dude. This way we might better understand why you have a crush on Anderson Cooper.

At 2/01/2008 1:02 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Oh, A Coop. I can't believe you've made a post on him! Kudos, though. I enjoyed watching his coverage last Saturday when Obama SPANKED Hills in South Carolina. I wish he would encourage the other pundits to stop talking about race and sex and just focus on the issues. But, wait, I know I'm dreaming. It's only about race in this country...so sad.

At 2/01/2008 1:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

AC totally blogs like a 13 year old girl and at times can behave like one. But I too love him!

At 2/01/2008 5:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alec Smart is the only one here who doesn't get it.


At 2/01/2008 6:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do LOVE AC!!!!!!
thanks for posting that picture!

At 2/01/2008 6:28 PM , Anonymous Chris said...

AC is very cool. I agree, Jacob--always perfectly trimmed and trendy. Maybe not as sexy as Dave Lieverman, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a 360° view.

At 2/02/2008 5:17 AM , Anonymous feedee said...

I love Anderson as much as I love fine chocolate.

AC can write some rather silly blog posts interspersed with more serious ones, but the one featured here wasn't written by him. That's the "Morning Buzz" which is written by another guy on the 360 staff. Anderson himself hasn't blogged for a few days.

At 2/02/2008 9:24 AM , Blogger Jersey RV said...


At 2/02/2008 10:33 AM , Blogger j said...

alec: If I say yes will you stop leaving crazy comments? :-)

amanda: I think I may lean a little more to the Hills, for some reason. We shall see.

libusgrace: yeah, his interview with Kathy Griffin on NYEve was totally 13 year old giggly girl.

anon: i'd have to agree with you.

anon: you're welcome. i love how he's trying to muscle up with that pose.

chris: haha... i'm sure a lot of people would like that.

feedee: hmm... i stand corrected. I always assumed they were Anderson, since he said he was going to try and blog at least once every morning.

jersey: a'ight.

At 2/02/2008 11:40 AM , Blogger John said...

I'd bang him. Seriously - somebody had to say it :D

At 2/02/2008 5:25 PM , Anonymous Gen said...

He was hosting Regis and Kelly with Kelly on Friday. Yumolicious.

I tend to watch AC360 with the tv muted.

At 2/02/2008 11:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

AC is just yummy...I know straight men who would "go gay" for him.

What's it matter the sexual orientation of a blogger? I think Alec is simply looking for a reaction, that or he is now deathly afraid of "catching gay" from reading your totally fab-U blog, Jacob.

Keep it up, I love your work!

"A closed mouth gathers no feet."

"Do not test dragons for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

At 2/03/2008 6:27 AM , Anonymous Clutch_fan_74 said...

What is your problem?
How sad that you really really don't get it...
All I have to say is:
GO SCREW YOURSELF Alec Smart! I understand that obviously you are incredibly homophobic and battling with your own insecurities thus making it necesary for you to make insulting and inappropriate comments, but that's not cool! Grow up!! Get a clue! The orientation of this blogger really is not important nor is it any of your business!
Are you afraid that you may catch it? If so, I recommend a move to Siberia or something like that--or perhaps another plannet all together.
I don't know too many that don't like Geoff of AoC in his red shorts btw--nor do I know too many that don't think that AC is rather hot.

Keep up the good work, Jacob! You, rock!

At 2/04/2008 10:05 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

For the record I am not homophobic. Just curious as to why someone would make comments about a little baker in red shorts and then wax poetic about AC. And before all of you get too righteous on me, I'll bet ALL of you have wondered about Jacob's sexuality. I'm sure many gays already knew his status, but for the heteros, it's a bit harder, so we ask. Got it ?

At 2/04/2008 10:16 AM , Anonymous Samantha said...

Clutch Fan 74-Wow. Take a chill pill. How sad to get so crazy over a response to a blog. Amusing. LOL.

BTW I wish I could screw myself sometimes.

At 2/04/2008 11:09 PM , Anonymous Mussakka said...

AC is OLD news, honey. He's been my secret husband for years. I don't care what he's talking about on TV, I just have to watch.

Seems like I read somewhere that he's fluent in Vietnamese. Interesting ice breaker if you ever run into him, Patrick. I guess I can be a big man and share him. ;-)

At 2/05/2008 11:43 PM , Blogger John said...

I don't think anybody wondered. Jacob mentioned his boyfriend a while back, no? It seemed pretty unambiguous to me. Jacob, any thoughts? Still loving your weblog BTW.

At 2/06/2008 10:12 AM , Blogger jacob said...

John: Yeah... it's no secret.

At 2/06/2008 6:52 PM , Anonymous Clutch_fan_74 said...

I think that the only ones who may wonder are those who let their immaturity guide their actions in their posting of comments--hence my annoyance expressed in my comment under this post. It shouldn't be important enough to ask such a moronic question. LOL!

At 2/17/2008 7:00 PM , Blogger p said...

It's a food network addict blog. stick to the subject please.


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