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Sunday, March 16

Cat Cora's Twin

Is Iron Chef Cat Cora the secret twin of E!'s Chelsea Handler?


I wasn't of a big fan of Chelsea before, but her current show on E!, Chelsea Lately, is really growing on me. I wish she would take over hosting duties for Conan after he moves to L.A. to do the Tonight show. But I love Jimmy Fallon, too, who is supposed to get the job. I'm torn.

Okay... I'm sidetracking VERY far from Food Network. Must remedy that. Ummm....Paula Deen did something today. Uhhh, Smithfield commercial. Buy ham in the pretty blue package with her picture on it.

There. I feel better.

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At 3/16/2008 8:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paula Deen was on QVC today pitching an enameled stockpot and some Smithfield ham sausage.

There, ah helped. :-)

At 3/17/2008 3:21 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

DO you know how Cat Cora came to be an Iron Chef ? All of sudden, she came outta nowhere and became the 4 th Iron Chef.I always figured FN needed a woman up there to do battle and it was a gender appointment.

She must be good chef though cause she has never been smoked too badly during battle. Gotta like a woman who like her shooters too.

At 3/17/2008 8:13 PM , Blogger Mark said...

It's probably just me, but I don't think Chelsea Lately is funny.

At 3/17/2008 10:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always figured FN needed a woman up there to do battle and it was a gender appointment.

Once again Alec Smart, International Man of Mystery, displays his broad-minded view of women in the workplace.

At 3/18/2008 1:03 AM , Anonymous Multifuncional said...

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At 3/18/2008 8:59 AM , Anonymous Conrad5 said...

His cheeky comments are giving her the right hump.

At 3/18/2008 10:06 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Anonymous at 10.17 pm chortles:

"Once again Alec Smart, International Man of Mystery, displays his broad-minded view of women in the workplace".

How else would you describe it Knucklehead ? Broads watching ICA want to see another broad up up there competing against the men, so Tushman in his infinite wisdom, drums up Cat Cora. Do you know anything whatsoever about demographics, or are you too busy skimming the Internet looking for seemingly sexist comments ? Face the facts. Cat Cora is an Iron Chef because she is a girl. Same reason why Gina Neely gets to flap her gums along side her husband on their show. FN wanted to attract more black viewers, especially black woman. Do you comprehend ?

At 3/18/2008 11:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love chelsea and i love cat too!

At 3/18/2008 11:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Cat Cora and I believe she is an Iron Chef because of her skill. You think they're tring to attract more lesbian viewers? I'm not a lesbian viewer. I like Pat and Gina and I'm not a black viewer. You're so ignorant.

At 3/18/2008 12:07 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I didn't say they were trying attract more lesbian viewers, I stated they were hoping to attract more "broads" that could identify with Cat Cora as an Iron Chef. Come to think about it, I can see lesbians digging Cat, but I don't think she is gay.

Glad you like the Neely's show. After watching it, my heart goes out to Pat Neely. Having to put up with that on a constant basis, I couldn't handle it.

At 3/18/2008 12:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err... you would be wrong Alec Baldw...uh, Smart. Cat Cora IS a lesbian, and, while bringing in more black viewership to the FN was probably part of the reason the Neeleys were brought on, I think their hilarious appearance on Paula's Party, along with being featured on Road Tasted has more to do with it.

At 3/18/2008 2:16 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Cat Cora a lesbo ? Wow, I'll look at her from different viewpoint from now on.

Yeah you're right though. The Neely's are a real howl alright. If that woman just turned the volume down a few decibels, she wouldn't be too hard to take, but I don't think the woman's hearing is too good. That or she is BBQ buffoon.

At 3/18/2008 10:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alec Smart...why does it matter if Cat is a lesbian? Why change your viewpoint. That doesn't make her any less of a person. She's still an amazing cook.

At 3/19/2008 10:17 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Jessica wonders : "Alec Smart...why does it matter if Cat is a lesbian? Why change your viewpoint. "

You are right young lady. I just need to redirect my impure thoughts towards her now, cause I now know she plays on the other team. No less a person whatsoever.

As for being an amazing cook, yeah she has good skills, but don't forget Iron Chefs and their opponents have weeks to study and prepare for their "secret " ingredient. If you think she or any of the other Iron Chefs are original visionaries and pull creations outta thin air, doesn't happen that way.

The Next Iron Chef series in my estimation really tested the mettle of the contestants. No time to scour cookbooks and do research. True reality cooking.

But aside some from some of the stuff Iron Chef leads us to believe, it is quite enjoyable to watch. Much better than the original Japanese version. BTW, what is a pui- san ?

At 4/04/2008 4:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Cat Cora is a lesbian. So what? She's beautiful and she is an awesome chef.

And I loves me some Chelsea Handler as well. I never thought about it, but they COULD be twins separated at birth!!

At 7/23/2008 2:28 PM , Blogger Alex said...

I absolutely LOVE Cat Cora. She's one of my gay sheroes. Her interview in the lesbian magazine, Curves, was great. She's an inspiration for me as a gay man. I respect her for being a great chef and for a wonderful person. She's also gorgeous.

At 8/31/2008 5:12 PM , Anonymous Matt said...

Both attractive women. Cat Cora is a little rom-boyish though. She just needs a cigar to go with her shooters. I can not believe anyone with a sense of humor likes that ass clown Jimmy Fallon. He is horrible and could quite possibly be blamed for the failure of SNL in this modern era, IMO.


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