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Thursday, March 20

I love RedLasso!

I am in love with RedLasso-- the site that allows you to search live ("near realtime") TV and create video clips that can be tagged, embedded, emailed, etc. Many networks (including now Food Network) are allowing their content to be searched and viewed this way.

I just made this clip of Ina's friend Jack out getting popcorn!

I love the times when Ina's friends have to act. I could watch that "Microwave. It's easy; it's always good" line over and over.

In the past I had to worry about setting my computer's DVR to tape certain shows that I knew I'd want screengrabs from. Now (I think) I'll be able to just search for any show by keyword! So many possibilities!

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At 3/21/2008 7:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember that episode of Barefoot. I kept thinking that you are going to Ina's house with microawave popcorn. Shirley you can find something better than that in the Hamtons.

At 3/21/2008 6:38 PM , Blogger Marc said...

A bag of popcorn? That will cost you a Mercedes SL550 and your first born.

Thanks, have a great day!

At 3/24/2008 11:33 AM , Blogger jacob said...

anon: for real... he should have found some wild corn growing on the side of the road, shucked it, roasted it, and created some sort of rustic corn dish.

Marc: lol... Ina DOES have a mercedes now, too, to go along with the BMWs.


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