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Tuesday, March 25

Sunny Anderson Gets Bloggin'

Sunny Anderson, host of Food Network's upcoming show Cooking for Real, has hopped aboard the blogging train! Go to her blog at sunnyanderson.blogspot.com and read about her testing recipes for her new show, check out pics on the set, and get a little info on the first few shows.

I've written before about Food Network stars' blogging habits--or lack thereof--but think Sunny might just be able to defy the stereotype. She did work as Food and Lifestyle editor at Hip Hop Weekly, according to her bio, so she should know what's up and how to keep us engaged.

Sunny describes meeting some of the Food Network stars on set while filming promos on the ubiquitous Ellie Krieger set:

"The taping of the promos was a two-day event, I taped on the last day and was the second to last person, so I didn't really get to meet too many of the Food Network hosts, but I met Danny [Boome] and Robin Miller, both very nice. Robin was like 'You comin' to South Beach?' (referring to the Food and Wine fest that the network sponsors), i was like 'uhhh maybe', knowing i wasn't going. wanted to though, as an attendee, just too busy hustling in nyc. hopefully i can make it next year :-). She was sweet and Danny is just a cool dude."

Cooking for Real premieres Sunday, April 6 at 10:30am E/P. I should hopefully have a review up before the show airs. Be on the lookout.

[Photo courtesy Food Network]

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At 3/25/2008 9:06 PM , Blogger Sunny Anderson said...

Jacob, thanks for the comment! I've blogged a bit on my myspace, but i thought i'd go ahead and do it somewhere easier to navigate. love your blog, i actually did a tgifridays taste test trip with my dude during week 2, so reading yours and jb's was hilarious. hilarious. after years in hip hop, i have a tough skin, so i'm sure i don't have to say be honest, but feel free to hit me with any comments, i'm just beginning and i know i have along way to go. main thing is to get people cookin and trying new flavors with a smile. keep in touch :-)

At 3/26/2008 10:37 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Wow Sunny reads this blog,

Hey Sunny, have you met the "hedgehog" yet ? You know the short ,fat, gold encrusted bleached and gelled dude who says okay and kay every second sentence ? The guy who was responsible for Jakes ahi tuna miracle burgers and JB's chipotle steak umm sandwich.
I'll even Fee Eddie has Brut or Old Spice in those squeeze bottle of his.

Could you give him smack from me ?

At 3/26/2008 2:12 PM , Blogger Sunny Anderson said...

uhh, of course i read this blog. i'm a foodie and a food network watcher :-) feels a bit weird to now be on the network i am a fan of, and know that the blogs i once anonymously read may make comments about me, but i'm ok with it as long as u r. i did over a decade in radio, so i'm used to the love/hate relationship sometimes built with listeners, in this case viewers. i'm cool with it. :-) aaaannnd last i checked, real foodies read everything food. this is a great blog, really. i mean it is regularly updated and i find the art funny sometimes. i think i've been readin this blog since i found the iron chef breakdown last year. ok, now on to the next, yes, i've met Guy and will discuss it on my blog soon i'm sure. look, mr. smart :-), thanks for even having any interest. i'm not a machine, not big biz, just a chick with a dream, so i'm happy to get any teeny bit of interest, it may make you tune in, and i hope you'll stay when you do.

At 3/26/2008 2:12 PM , Blogger Sunny Anderson said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 3/26/2008 4:27 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Sunny you can call me Alec. Mr Smart was my father.

You seem pretty real and it is good to see you reading these blogs. You seem smart enough to keep your eyes and ears at street level and use this feedback to your advantage.

I think if I can dish out any advice to you today I would like to say there is so much room for real people that don't take on different personas once they secure a show. We are so tired of people acting out beyond their abilities and using FN to further and grow their "brand".If brand exists. There are exceptions to the rule,.Bobby Flay and Mario come to mind. Of course many feel they helped pioneer this foodtv concept and as such, are revered as they should be.

I certainly hope you don't ever find yourself in a situation where people want to smack you like the Hedge and Rachel. Gina Neely is getting close too.

You show promise. That's good. I hope your show is a hit and you continue to keep it real.

And if you do speak to Mr. Fee Eddie, can you ask him to start acting his age which I believe is 42 or so.

At 3/26/2008 5:40 PM , Blogger Sunny Anderson said...

I was hoping you'd reply :-), i sit at the computer most of the work day because i have an internet writing gig i won't advertise here cuz i respect jacob. so, meeting new people "at work" (teeheehee), is nice.

well, thanks for the advice. all i want to do is cook now and the only brand i know about right now is on a cow's butt, but i appreciate you thinking it's even a thought right now because it isn't. i'm so focused on the right now. cuz right now alec, is what i've been working for, for a minute. i won't even presume it can last more than a minute, so maaaan, i am just tryin to enjoy the now and put in the work so maybe i get to live in the goal/dream a bit longer. spread some recipes, some tricks, tips, and smiles :-) hope you feel me ...as for the message you'd like me to send .... i know i'm brown, but i'm not ups teeheehee ...send yer own msg :-) j/k, but really ...

At 3/26/2008 6:28 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Well I'll be sure to check your blog out. Why not advertise your other gig here ? Participation has it's priveleges right ? Jake takes on enema advertising afterall.

I was joking about giving Hedgehog a smack , although God knows he needs one. I do hope he stops acting like a 22 yr old. For his own good. I'm not the only one getting creeped out.

Who provides the soundtrack for your show ? Somehow I see the song Sunny being worked in. Or are you giving an unknown a break ?

At 3/26/2008 7:06 PM , Blogger Sunny Anderson said...

awww man, if i could tell you how many times i've had the sunny song sung to me ... knew the words before i ever heard the recording. actually, the network had a composer do the music. look, i'm no expert at what grosses people out, i didn't want anything to get in the way of the food, so i leave the music stuff to the team. they know me and my vibe and so far have been spot-on with creative decisions. i did ask about someone doing music specifically for the show, maybe one of my hip hop buddies, and it could happen later if i get the chance, but i don't want to be pegged into a corner, i'm not just hip hop, i love all music. like i love all food. 'cept for radishes unless it's kimchee'd radish. and for the record my fave use of my name in a song is the sesame street theme :-)

At 4/27/2008 12:03 PM , Blogger XY RN said...

Hi Sunny, I just want to say that you are not only gorgeous, but I haven't seen a newbie on FoodNetwork who made dishes that made me go "oh HELL I'VE GOT TO TRY THAT!!!" since I first saw Emeril go over the top 10 years ago.

Serious awesome-ness. :)

Big thumbs up, and best wishes on the new show!

At 5/08/2008 9:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny another foodnetwork junkie here. love your show, it is so real (hmm...hence the name perhaps :-) It is like being right there in your kitchen with you watching you cook. Love it!! Anyway I have to ask, where does the show get your mixing bowls from. I would love to have a set. Keep up the good work girl!!
Cris S.

At 5/17/2008 9:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny. Love the show. You've got a season pass on my TiVo. I heard you also did radio in New Orleans. If so, what station and what years. Much success. Transplanted N'Awlins now in Philly. Sunnyfan.

At 4/14/2009 1:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your bio with interest for two reasons. Your USAF background, (same as me), 3701 BMTS, and your love of hot/spice foods.

I have developed some hot pepper extract, if you'd like some, and I have some exotic hot pepper powders for you to try. Just let me know where to send to.



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