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Friday, March 14

Ted Allen Debuts New Blog

Ted Allen (Queer Eye, Iron Chef, Top Chef, et al), who I had the pleasure of meeting when I was down in Miami, just debuted a new blog on his personal website.

All righty, then: Helllooooo! Ya know, with so few options available to those of us who like to read about the minutia of other people’s lives, I thought it was high time I provided a fascinating glimpse into the glorious cycle of song that is my own. So, welcome!

In his first entry, Ted answers the question "What are the best and worst dishes you've tried on Iron Chef?" (Answer: both were prepared by Mario Batali. Who knew?!)

Ted is also blogging for Bravo's Top Chef, where he'll be serving as a regular judge this season. I love that he can be so frank in these blogs, even going so far to denounce the passé fauxhawk that several male contestants are still sporting. ("2003 called; it wants your hairdo back.")

Bravo has of course (hint hint Food Network!) nearly a dozen official blogs dedicated to the "#1 food show on cable," a claim that Food Network trys to dispute. Hmmm...

Well, TC's season premiere garnered more than 2 million total viewers. Let's see if this summer's The Next Food Network Star can beat that.

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