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Tuesday, April 8

Alton's Upfront at the Upfronts

Food Network's parent company, Scripps Networks, pitched the channel's new and premiering shows at an upfront presentation to advertisers today in New York.

And the already-announced Feasting on Waves--Alton Brown's latest installment in the "Feating on..." series--was right upfront.

Waves is described as a "a nautical version of Alton Brown’s food travelogue."

Broadcasting & Cable gives us the scoop on what else we can expect:

Other new shows include the much blogged about (although not here) food competition show Chopped, which aims to find the next big sous chef; The Chef Jeff Project, an aspiriational series in which drug-dealer-turned-chef Jeff Henderson works with kids who want to be cooks; Eat the Clock, an Amazing Race-type road competition centered around food; and Food Sleuths (working title), a food-mythology show that will seek to answer culinary questions like whether chewing gum sticks to one’s intestines when swallowed and whether food that has fallen on the ground is still safe to eat if retrieved within five seconds.

New talent coming to primetime includes Anne Burrell, Mario Batali’s sous chef from Iron Chef America, who will answer viewer e-mails; Sunny Anderson, who will feature cooking gadgetry; “sophisticated simple” chef Mary Nolan; and Alex Gaurnaschelli, chef at New York’s Butter.


B&C might have confused the description of Sunny Anderson, as she once hosted a series of specials on cooking gadgets, but now has her own cooking show. But you know that, FNAers.

I'm definitely looking forward to Alton's Waves and the "Amazing Race"-type show might actually work if some real money was invested into it. We shall see.

Anything browning your butter, here?

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At 4/08/2008 4:36 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I love Alton Brown. I look forward to his new series. Feasting on Asphalt was very good, short but good.
I think Anne Burrell's contributions will be good I'm sure.

Tell them jackasses at Broadcast & Cable to correctly report Sunny Anderson DID a gig on kitchen gadgetry and now has a full on cooking show. FN PR person fall asleep at the wheel ?

Not sure about the other projects they are bringing out, I need to see for myself . Kind of tired of competition shows, unless Top Chef moves over to FN and that would make me happy.

Anything to take airtime away from Diners,Drive Ins, and Dwarfs is appreciated.

At 4/29/2008 3:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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