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Wednesday, May 21

Just Stand on the Sidelines and Applaud

Even though Ina and Jeffrey Garten already have their own pied-à-terre in Paris, they still make a point to stay with their longtime friend and famous restaurant critic Patricia Wells (she's appeared on Barefoot Contessa) and her husband, journalist Walter Wells, who have lived in Paris since 1980 and also have a "country home" in Provence.

CBSNews.com has a great interview with the Wellses covering their transition from New York to France, their new book, and what advice Walter gave Ina's hubby, Jeffrey.

"His wife Ina Garten, who’s now very well-known, was about to do a book, and then do a TV show. And Jeffrey and Ina are old friends, and he said to me, 'Now, just give me some advice on this. How should I deal with the fact that, you know, my wife is about to become very famous?' And I just said, 'Jeffrey, just stand on the sidelines and applaud.'"


Awwwwwww.... I think that's a very apt description of what Jeffrey does in each show he appears. Always dutifully picking up the lettuces, praising his wife's hard work, never complaining, arriving with gifts, etc, etc. WHERE'S MY JEFFREY?!?!

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At 5/21/2008 1:10 PM , Blogger Muffy Willowbrook said...

Jeffrey is Ina's dedicated Lil' Puppy.

I heart him.

At 5/21/2008 7:54 PM , Anonymous Robert said...

I love him and his Mr. Magoo-ishness... but it's not like he's a total unknown. He's had op-ed pieces in the NY Times, has written five books, and has done quite well himself.


At 5/22/2008 8:48 PM , Anonymous Gen said...

I'm lucky. I am married to a guy just like Jeffrey.

At 5/23/2008 3:25 PM , Blogger Sunshine said...

I want Ina and Jeffrey to adopt me.

At 6/15/2008 9:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you read the review of the Wellses new cookbook in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago? Pretty scathing. They appear not to have a scintilla of self-awareness and have plastered it with "campaign-style" photos of themselves.

As for Ina, I'm lucky, I've got a "Jeffrey" of my own. He's a doll, supports me in my new wine business, loves everything I cook, and cleans up after meals. I sometimes think I'm the luckiest man in the world!


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