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Tuesday, May 27

Nerd Alert: An Ace of Cakes Star Trek Slip Up

Leave it to Star Trek fans to go nuts over something like this...

Producers of Ace of Cakes recently released pictures of a Star Trek cake, made by Duff and the staff at Charm City Cakes, that will be featured in an upcoming episode. While you'd expect the typical "that's awesome! how they do that?" kind of reactions, some commenters at TrekMovie.com were EXTREMELY upset over one tiny blunder:

SCOTTY (the "beam me up" one?) WAS PUT IN THE WRONG CHAIR!!!!

Sean all-caps complained:


You can honestly feel the sense of urgency in Sean's words, disregarding commonly accepted punctuation and grammar rules, beginning and ending with "THIS IS A DISASTER" to really get his point across. It's tragically dorky.

And then, the nerd war began:

"Actually Sean, Scotty DID sit at the Navigator's Station on the bridge at the end of the second pilot 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' because Navigator Gary Mitchel was dead."

"Scotty and Uhura are not in the right spots and Chekov is nowhere to be found. Even before Chekov came onto the show Scotty didn't sit there."

"Other things that cake got wrong:
1. The captain’s chair is not precisely in the center.
2. There isn’t a second level separating the science/com/engineering stations from the captain’s chair and helm.
3. Uhura is all wrong."

Some Trekkies weren't as bothered by it:

"Sean: Have you ever kissed a girl??!?!?!?!?!
It's an F-in cake. Turn-off your caps lock and and stop making trekkers look like such OCD losers."


Haha... I love it!

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At 5/27/2008 10:51 PM , Blogger Ergeheilalt said...

Your Geek knowledge is lacking.

There is a significant difference between trekkies and trekkers

Trekkers are Trek fans who believe that everything in Trek canon after TOS is the Book of Mormon to the rest of the Technobabble Bible that is Star Trek.

Trekkies tend to favor the more recent incarnations of Trek.

And really, if a guy is gonna pay for a crazy expensive designer cake and he's not getting the truest representation of the bridge crew of the Enterprise - I can see being bent. And when it comes to fandom, obsession with minutia is part of being that flavor geek.

But hey, if it makes you feel cool for ridiculing another type of geek - more power to you. Just don't be alarmed when you look in the mirror only to find out your one of us geeks, too.

At 5/28/2008 1:10 AM , Anonymous HarryK said...

Is this any sillier than your freaking out over that NFNS's age thing? You make fun of them, but you're just the same with FN, Aunt Sandy and myriad other minuitae.

Sorry, but you know what they say about folks throwing rocks in their own glass houses.

At 5/28/2008 5:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why so serious people? Honestly... It cannot be good to get so bent out of shape. Lighten up!

At 5/28/2008 8:31 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

It is kind of harsh that they left Chekov off--he's going to be best man when Sulu marries his partner of 23+ years. Plus, my mom always had the hots for Chekov.

At 5/28/2008 9:10 AM , Blogger Sean said...

It was a joke, dummies.


At 5/28/2008 9:14 AM , Blogger jacob said...

ergeheilalt: I stand corrected. I actually wasn't ridiculing -- I think it's cool! I like that people are so passionate; I'm just not familiar enough with Star Trek to understand.

And, btw, I know I'm a geek. I think the name of this blog would imply that. =)

harryk: If Star Trek fans didn't have a long, very public history of people commenting on their intense devotion, then maybe I'd agree with you. I don't even look at it as "making fun." I too like nitpicking anything I know a lot about... and I think Sean's commments were probably somewhat in jest.

If CCC made a Full House cake and didn't put Uncle Joey in the alcove, I'd post an all-caps comment, too. Unless of course they were referring to the later seasons in which Joey got a room in the garage. Or in the later seasons when the basement was converted into a room/recording studio. Or I think Joey finally got to move upstairs to Jesse's room once he moved in the attic with Rebecca Donaldson and their two sons Nicky and Alex. (See... I am a DORK and I know it!)

anon: I'll make it a point to never bring up Star Trek again.

jordan: Yeah, he is kinda cute.

At 5/28/2008 10:11 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I have always thought Trekkies or Trekkers are sort of way offside.

I see some serious personality defects in people that dress up as their favorite Star Trek charactor, attend conventions and the like and think it is cool. This would be the most extreme example.

They try and deflect the criticism by grouping themselves in with the nerds, but actually they are way more like total weenies that need to get a life.

At 5/28/2008 1:29 PM , Blogger Ergeheilalt said...

Alec Smart:

While I am by no means a dress-up trek fan, it's hardly something localized to Trek-fans.

There are plenty of folk who don costumes and all flavors of geeky garb for their particular hobby. Ren-fairs, Civil War Reenactments, and just about every Comic-Con type geektactular gathering has people dressed up in costume from Anime, LotR, Star Wars, and strange, obscure sci-fi.

It's fandom. It's weird. But it's awesome in it's weirdness.

At 5/28/2008 2:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheesh! The people who originally complained about the cake were being sarcastic -- they understand the concept of self-depricating humor. Obviously many other people don't understand that concept.

The people who complained that the cake wasn't "right" were just using their sense of humor -- making a joke. Don't take their comments so seriously.

At 5/28/2008 11:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

as i said to the ccc crew earlier this week, if it had been a buffy the vampire slayer cake and someone had made some trivial error i would have all-caps-ed it myself. we're ALL dorks in our own special way. jacob, pass the nerd juice. love you!


mary alice

At 5/28/2008 11:47 PM , Blogger Sean said...

Well, the upshot is that I'll certainly be watching more of Ace of Cakes now. Hi Mary Alice, glad to hear my original post (I was the "THIS IS A DISASTER" guy) was amusing, if not exactly in all the ways I intended it to be!

At 5/29/2008 3:22 PM , Blogger Judith Kreindel said...

That's the problem with the internet, no darn way to figure out the tone something should be received in. :)

At 5/30/2008 7:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE Trekkie and think the cake blunder is silly, come on, its a cake meant as a star trek tribute and think imaginatively, had the series gone on for the rest of the time it was supposed to then it would have been possible that scotty would have sat at the navigation chair at some point!

Tasha Yar was security and she said at conn once, didnt she? DOH


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