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Monday, June 9

From Community Theatre to the Big Screen

In addition to "I have no idea what's romantic about crostini," I also loved Aaron's line:

"I'm from Camden. I'm black. And I'm not robbing no train."

Adam's idea of doing an old-fashioned train robbery as his group's presentation to the judges just reeked of something pulled from his box of improv theatre games. Not approp. for Food Network, Gertler.

Maybe after Aaron came in to rob the train, Bobby Flay could have yelled out "freeze" and then taken Aaron's place and changed the scene up entirely! Yay for theatre kids. Let's go see Wicked for the 9th time!

(I say that as a real theatre kid who was always the lead in the musicals. And I've only seen Wicked once, so there.)

In the end, Aaron just came out and did his own thing--stealing the show from Adam and Jennifer.

Good job, Aaron!

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At 6/09/2008 1:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only reason adam stayed is because he shared his idea with aaron and jennifer and aaron ended up being the best at it. im not sure if he "stole adams idea" he just unwillingly went along with it and ended up giving the best performance. which then impressed the judges and such.

At 6/10/2008 1:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron killed everybody in the second episode. He knew that Adam's runny eggs idea was bad from the beginning but he still was enough of a team guy to try to implement Adam's train robbery idea -- he dropped a classic line.

And that strip steak looked YUMMY !


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