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Monday, June 2

Goodbye Cory

Giving it some more thought, I am actually a bit surprised that Cory was the first to go. I was thinking her stumbles with the on-camera challenge ("I'm obsessed with the hot, new prip...prop...produce...") and in the cooking challenge were mostly a product of the editors, messing with our assumption that a comedian with TV experience and a culinary degree would be a natural on this kind of show.

But I guess it wasn't editing for once. Cory really did deserve to leave. I love comedy and I love food TV, so it was a big disappointment that she wasn't able to meld those two worlds together. When Bobby asked if she would try and do that in her show, Cory responded as if she was irritated by the question, saying she was funny, dark, and "a little on the acerbic." There's your show title, Cory: The Funny, Dark, Acerbic Chef! Sounds like a winner to me.

This is a reality TV competition; you're nothing if not a stereotype, pre-determined by casting directors and focus groups. The least you could do would be to embrace the stereotype when it's a positive one! A comedian who knows about food?! Yes!

It just didn't work out that way. Cory's ill-fated attempt to gloss up her lackluster style and showmanship with "trendy honey!!" didn't add any sweetness to a performance that had already gone sour.

See yah on the next reality show you do, Cory!

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At 6/03/2008 12:32 AM , Blogger John said...

(God this'll sound so geeky, but) funny Top Chef reference :) I think a pair of those funny Groucho Marx glasses would've made her more mirk...mork...marketable.

At 6/03/2008 3:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really too bad she didn't make it. I was hoping to see more of her, as in some ways she seemed very natural (other than freezing up)


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