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Tuesday, June 17

Jamie Deen on the Close Call at Lady & Sons

Check out this video of Jamie Deen:

Jamie also updated his new blog (one day late) after the fire (which we now know was just smoke) that caused minor damage at the family restaurant The Lady & Sons.

"A bag of terrycloth hand towels and cotton aprons, the tools of the front house staff, had self combusted! He said it is a freak thing but it happens. some time after closing around 6 o’clock or so as the staff was finishing up, a towel used to clean the flat-top grill where hoecakes are fixed, was dropped in the bag hot....and covered with towels with bleach from cleaning tables. 5 hours later smoke, lots and lots of smoke. We have had ten hundred thousand linen bags of the same makeup for 20 years and this bag, this night....smoke. no fire though. Thank you Lord.

About this time here comes momma. sweet little momma rolls out of bed and rolls into downtown with a hat on....in her gown. housecoat. slippers. Thats it. 'momma ease around this truck there’s a news camera across the street' her first born son advises. Hah. momma strolls into the street and then across the street right up to the knot of fireman waiting for the air to clear before we can get inside for a look around. In her gown. and slippers. Of course this is breaking news, what a 61 year old women was wearing at 11:45 on a Sunday night was reported. You gotta shake your head sometimes."

Glad that was cleared up. The buffet is back in business!




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