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Monday, June 2

Loving It. Owning It. Really.

I love semi-spats between Giada De Laurentiis and Sandra Lee, even when they're most likely the fabrication of good editing! (Sandra's doe-eyed look of adoration probably came about during a conversation about Giada's baby or something.)

Still, it's fun to watch:

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At 6/02/2008 1:44 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Your blog advertising right above this post may explain why these woman were out of sorts with one another.

WHat a joke this season will be . Well done Lord Tuschman. Appointing Pat Neely, Giada DeLaurentis and Aunt Sandy to help adjudicate. Such large contributions to the culinary world they have made.

Morimoto might be the only guy who knows what he is doing. These others are abject amateurs. Next week, Fee' Idiot ? Gina Neely ?

TOP CHEF is by far so superior a show, it makes Tuschman look like a ferengi cartoon charactor.

I don't think I can bear to watch this debacle if they put people like Aunt Sandy and the BBQ flunky up there.

At 6/02/2008 4:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was cracking up when I saw the look on Morimotos face when the plate of meatloaf, undercooked potatoes and glazed carrots (seriously, this was the best they came up with?) was set in front of him. Priceless.

I'm dismayed with the current contestants. I had high hopes for the comedian, but was seriously disappointed when she froze (twice). Lisa and Nipa are a complete turn-off, I'm already rooting against them. The rest are just blah, IMO. I guess I like the mom (but can't remember her name, not a good sign).

At 6/02/2008 4:55 PM , Blogger John said...

I'm surprised Giada didn't scratch Sandy's eyes out. Is it mean of me to want to see Giada kick her ass? OMG I am getting hateful towards these people!

At 6/06/2008 1:18 PM , Blogger Bridgett said...

Giada shouldn't be telling others to "tone it down" as she can easily get on your nerves while talking with her mouth shoved full of food. mmmm, appetizing, Giada.
I thought the young girl was sweet....nervous, but sweet.

At 6/23/2008 6:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandy the drunk is in awe of Giada's ability to actually cut and chop ingredients, add spices not in a packet and whip cream (vs. coolwhip).


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