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Monday, June 2

Next Food Network Star, Week 1

Best line ever!

The Giada/Sandra moment ("Real? I don't think she was being real.") was also highly entertaining.

So what did you think? Was my initial review fair, without giving too much away?

Since I'd already seen the episode (sans the elimination), I thought a little José Andrés' Jaleo would be more fun than watching again. Yummy yum.

I wasn't that surprised by who got kicked off. I'll be posting an official post later on, so try to avoid being spoilery until then.




At 6/02/2008 10:40 AM , Blogger Bobbie said...

I hated it. This season is going to be awful. It just does not look like fun at all. The judges are such jerks. Get a life, FN! Top Chef is so much better.

At 6/02/2008 11:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. It's bad. Very bleak. I LOVE Top Chef.

At 6/02/2008 11:16 AM , Anonymous jonathan said...

If Lisa brings up the "Three C's" again, I will strangle myself. And it was obviously a convenient edit, but when she brought it up AGAIN during the food challenge, the cut to Alton's face was priceless.

At 6/02/2008 11:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we should throw the baby out with the bathwater - there seem to be a couple of good chefs, but the prima donna level - Lisa, Nipa - is a little high, even for this show.

Which makes me wonder all the more why they gave a show to Mary Nolan. Her episode yesterday morning was, if possible, worse than the previous two. Interesting, and very noticeable, Food Network cut her off while she was just biting into her Cuban steak sandwich, before she could get out the obligatory "oohs and aahs," and went straight to "Barefoot Contessa." Shouldn't the director and/or film editor have made sure there was a smoother ending? It was somewhat hilarious, since it made it seem as though FN had had enough of her overdrive and couldn't take one more minute....

At 6/02/2008 11:39 AM , Blogger Lyndsay said...

Loved the Giada Sandra moment

At 6/02/2008 11:40 AM , Blogger Bobbie said...

Actually, I do have to say that I like some of the contestants. It's not them that is driving me away from the show - it's absolutely the hosts and judges.

At 6/02/2008 11:41 AM , Blogger John said...

I just did the live-blog last night to the show (can I post the link? If not just go to my profile and hit the name of my blog).

Remember before you shutter TNFNS for the entire season: it's much better if you have a beer or two in front of you. Because whenever they say something stupid, you can just take a swig and turn it into a drinking game!

First impression: it is much funnier (unintentionally of course) than Top Chef 4 (which I am also live blogging), but I find these NFNS people slightly more likeable than the TC4 people. Nobody I utterly despise yet. But yeah, what Jonathan said: I will pop a gasket if Lisa brings up "the three C's" one more time.

People I would like to see hang around: Nipa (we need more than just Franco-Italian-Southern cooking, with a token nod to Latin flavors), Aaron (on the other hand, if someone does something DIFFERENT with French food that would be okay), Kelsey (the girl created her own cooking show in college for Chrissakes) and Adam (he's funny - okay, he's also adorable. Did you see him with his shirt off? Whew! Okay I really am turning into a 14-year old girl now).

I do think Cory should've gone. I honestly have no clue how she is funny in any way, shape or form.

Final thought (and I say this on my blog post): notice any similarities between Lisa and Elisa from Project Runway, apart from the similar name?

At 6/02/2008 11:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was anyone surprised that Aunt Sandy thought the hyper cheerleader was "real" when it was as obvious that she was as fake as Sandy's boobs/nose?

At 6/02/2008 1:27 PM , Blogger Judith Kreindel said...

As I commented on a previous post, I didnt feel the cheerleader was fake at all and I thought Giada's comment was piercing, inappropriate, unbelievably cruel and witchy. I do not like NFNS Giada, she is like the Tuschenator's right-hand evil adversary.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Pat Neely. Sandra condcuted herself with compassion (not so surprising) and left the kitchy-ness(sp?) behind.

WTH? The three C's...is Lisa try to convince me she might throw a nickel by the way of some poor person she no doubt sees as undeserving and beneath her? She thinks people don't get the three C's because they are of lower intelligence than she (she envisions herself smarter than all the FN cooks/chefs and execs) when in reality it's because she doesn't make a darn bit of sense! I really, really loathe her. I knew she wouldn't get the ax, too much to love to hate there.

Cory did deserve the ax, sorry to say.

At 6/02/2008 1:28 PM , Blogger Judith Kreindel said...

Dang it! I swear I didn't mean to disrespect your blog and spill the baked beans! Jacob, 1,000 apologies to you!

At 6/02/2008 2:45 PM , Anonymous Turtle said...

This show aside for a moment, I have to comment about the "sneak preview" episode of "Paula's Party." What-the-fetch? Paula has gone so far over the top into looneyville, I had to switch channels twice.

Was I projecting or at times did I see slightly baffled looks on the faces of audience members?

There was a loopy moment with Ingrid Hoffman when Paula asked her a question, then interrupted Ingrid's answer to jump to another random topic ("ooh, your necklace is pretty!") and the look on poor Ingrid's face was priceless; it was the look of someone struggling mightily to handle a drunk/crazy stranger at a party who won't get off your back. Paula, tone it down already!

At 6/02/2008 2:46 PM , Blogger jacob said...

bobbie: hmmm... didn't see them as jerks. at least not any moreso than in past seasons.

jonathan: I know... the three Cs (sigh). Was that in her script or something? ;-)

Anon: i found Nipa more sure of herself than simply overconfident. That could change quickly, though.

I loved that Mary Nolan bite, btw. I think I'll post about it later.

lyndsay: the avoidance of eye-contact was what made it, too.

john: of course you can post the link... post away.

anon: yepppppp.

Judith: Giada probably comes off that way due to 1)editing 2)pregnancy (she was about six months along when that was filmed) 3)pressure to be hard on the contestants 4)and/or genuine disinterest in the contestants or their dishes. Maybe she's just not that good at being fake outside her TV show.

And PS, I don't care if spoilers are in the comments:-) I was just trying to be nice this time. Starting next week, I'll probably have something up Mon. morning about the finalist who gets kicked off.

At 6/02/2008 4:59 PM , Blogger John said...

Thanks, Jacob. I just wanted to ask first. I've gotten funny about that lately. Here's the link!

At 6/02/2008 6:29 PM , Anonymous Bert said...

Episode was ok - in terms of atmosphere - but it did seem somewhat dark (lighting-wise).

Watch out for Aaron McCargo - this guy can really cook (I've worked with him before) and has an awesome personality that seemed muted during the first episode (probably b/c Kelsey was so hyper) but his Salmon sandwich seemed to take top prize :)


At 6/02/2008 9:36 PM , Blogger Wine Dine Whine said...

I'll give it another shot, but agreed that it was weak sauce this first go. But damn, Morimoto, way to keep it real.


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