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Thursday, June 19

Tim Russert Had Food Network Connection

We've had a chance to reflect these past few days on of all the contributions Tim Russert made to journalism and politics. Numerous stories have also focused on what kind of man Tim was personally and the causes to which he gave so much of his time and money.

In addition to supporting his church, The Boys and Girls Club, and other charities, Tim Russert participated in Food Network's Let's Make Sure Everybody Eats, the channel's national telethon to raise money for the hungry, writes Reese Schonfeld on The Huffington Post. Schonfeld was the co-founder of Food Network and CNN.

"He earns a second cheer for being such a good guy. When I was running the Food Network he participated in 'Let's Make Sure Everybody Eats', our national telethon to raise money for the hungry. (As an aside, that's something the Food Network should think of reviving, given the current price of food.) From everything I heard from my friends at NBC Washington, from his appearances on television and from the encomium heaped upon him for three days by the 24 hour cable networks, he seems to have been one of God's great gentlemen." (Emphasis mine)

Just thought I'd share another reason to honor and remember Tim Russert.

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At 6/19/2008 9:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Buffalo, so I found this extra sweet. Thank you.

At 6/19/2008 12:01 PM , Anonymous Mike Licht said...

There is another food connection that the Network has not picked up:


At 6/19/2008 5:15 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I met Tim Russert about 10 years ago. We were on a layover in an airport lounge in Los Angeles waiting on the same flight and shared a few cocktails together.

Our chat lasted about 20 minutes and it was time to board. During that time, several people on the louge recognized him, a few asked for autographs(seriously) and Tim obliged very graciously.He acted like such a regular guy wanting to talk sports as I had a Boston Red Sox cap on . I watched the guy every week since then. This is my famous person story. It is compelling because he was so down to earth and such a regular guy. Sad to see him go.


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