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Thursday, June 12

What I've Been Making

Sometimes the Food Network Addict actually has to get up and eat, but oftentimes I have no idea what to make. It's somewhat counter-intuitive that a person who watches the network this much would have a hard time deciding on a recipe... but I do.

That's why I must thank my friend Amanda for suggesting Giada De Laurentiis' Orzo Salad. I was visiting her at her home in the great state of Illinois a few weeks ago and saw the recipe printed out.

"It's just orzo and vegetables? Is it really filling?"


"But do I have to include the mint leaves? I'm kind of grossed out by mint after eating too many wild mint leaves growing in my neighbors' backyard when I was five and getting sick."

"You ate your neighbors' mint leaves?"

"Well, yes, and those little berries in the trees."

"Did your mother not feed you?"

(And the conversation went on from there. It's probably too embarrassing to post any more.)

Anyhow, I've already made this orzo salad THREE times since returning home, and Jared and I have devoured it every time in about one day.

Giada says it makes SIX servings, so there you go. Six of her little bites she puts on dollhouse plates, perhaps.

I just love that you can eat it cold... and it tastes like summer.

(Sorry, no pic of me taking a bite. It seriously disappeared after the pic at the top was taken.)




At 6/12/2008 4:50 PM , Anonymous laura said...

Damn this looks good. You could be a food stylist. I've never cooked Orzo before. How much trouble is it, and do you have to babysit it. I could see how you could make this receipe "you own" by changing some ingredients up some. Yummmmm

At 6/12/2008 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Jacob! I'll have to print out the recipe and try it! Looks very healthy, too! :)

At 6/12/2008 7:23 PM , Anonymous Dairyland Girl said...

This looks great for summer, and your photo caused me to wonder why FN web site recipes don't ALL have an accompanying photo.

DId I read the recipe correctly: 6 servings and this makes 1-3/4 cups??? At that rate, I'd say yes, break out the doll dishes!

At 6/12/2008 9:36 PM , Anonymous Dairyland Girl said...

Sorry! Upon closer inspection, I believe the recipe amount of 1-3/4 cups is for the vinaigrette. Ha. Still, after I make this (probably this weekend) I bet I'll laugh at the "serves 6" guideline.

At 6/13/2008 9:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made this before for a summer party (I also grilled shrimp) and everyone loved it! Yummy!

At 6/13/2008 10:26 AM , Blogger Judith Kreindel said...

Darn you! When I take pics of food I make, they never turn out looking that pleasing to they eye. Yummy! (or should I say, "Yum-O"?)

At 6/14/2008 9:39 AM , Blogger jacob said...

Laura: Orzo is really easy. Just stir it so it doesn't start sticking to the bottom of the pan. Only takes 7-8 minutes.

BTW- I also added cucumber & yellow squash in this version. Thought it needed more vegetables.

And thanks for the photo compliments! I just got lucky, as I'm not a great photographer, nor do I have a very good camera.

At 6/15/2008 11:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Orzo Salad looks very healthy! Yum! I like watching the Food Network myself and your blog rocks! I found a cool site that gets into herbs called Herbal-Remedy-Online.net This site may help spice up any salad!

Stay healthy

At 6/16/2008 7:03 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

I made this last night--with the mint leaves--and between the portion I ate for dinner and the containers waiting in my fridge for lunches this week, I can verify that it makes about five girl-or-European sized servings. And that it's freakishly good.

I wish I'd read more carefully and added the squash--I could only find red grape tomatoes, and the yellow makes the color pop so much.

At 6/16/2008 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. It's pasta. Not Rissoto.

At 6/16/2008 4:28 PM , Blogger jacob said...

My "portions" also could have been off, as most of eating was directly out of the big bowl:-)

At 6/23/2008 2:56 PM , Anonymous Jeff said...

Please be careful harvesting anything in the wild. Mint, mushrooms, berries...unless you can be totally certain what they are, you could be at risk. (We need you handy to keep us informed of what's going on at Chelsea Market, hmmm?


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