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Tuesday, July 8

D.C. -- Are You Ready for a Throwdown?

D.C.'s-own Chef Teddy Folkman of Granville Moore's will be the unsuspecting competitor on tonight's Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Watch it at 9pm ET.

Metrocurean and Endless Simmer (where these pics are from) have great accounts of the taping from earlier this year, even snapping a pic of Bobby who stopped cooking during the battle to take a call. Oh Bobby! Must have been wifey.

Endless Simmer seemed pleasantly surprised about Bobby's attitude:
"Flay was not at all the way I expected him to be. He was engaging and funny, playing to the crowd from time to time while working up a sweat over his mussels."

While I wish Chef Teddy would have ditched the cue cards (or the memorized script) and just spoke naturally for this audition video, I can definitely understand what he was picked to appear.

I could be a little hurt about not getting picked to be a judge on this Throwdown, but I probably disqualified myself after meeting the producers of the show. They actually have to keep their identity kind of secret, as the more people who find out who they are the easier people will guess they're being set up for a Throwdown. No way they'd get me to believe I'd be judging a show called "America Eats." But congrats to the local DCers who were picked to judge.


I'm leaving tonight for Florida and then going on a cruise, so posts may be a little sporadic over the next few days. It's my first cruise, so I'm kind of nervous. Afraid all the crazy children will drive me over the edge. Well, not literally. If I do slip, I hope Leo DiCaps comes to my rescue.

Anyhow, I've written a few posts in advance that will auto-post. I'll be back full force early next week. Have a good Tuesdayyyyyy.

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At 7/08/2008 1:24 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

I love mussels, but bleu cheese mussels don't sound very appetizing. I can't wait to watch though. Have tons and tons of fun on your cruise!

At 7/09/2008 3:50 PM , Blogger April said...

The judges are BLOGGERS! Pretty famous and successful bloggers to be exact. Amalah had talked about the show on her blog months ago in fact: www.amalah.com (And they did suspect that perhaps it was going to be a throwdown.)

At 3/02/2009 12:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the stupidest show around with an ego maniac as a host, he is an no talent fool , and ugly too!


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