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Wednesday, July 16

Kelsey Nixon Ties the Knot

Recently eliminated contestant on The Next Food Network Star, Kelsey Nixon, got married last Friday in her home state of Utah. And look who showed up!

For a second there, I thought Kelsey married Aaron McCargo Jr.! That'd certainly be a first for Food Network.

Kelsey originally wanted all of the finalists to attend and "possibly even cook for the guests," but "food handler's permits" got in the way.

Aaron was the only finalist who ended up making it to the wedding. Now let's see -- do those shades and fancy getup indicate he might be the winner? He certainly seems happy. Hmm...

[Photo Credit: Nicole Hill Gerulat]

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At 7/16/2008 11:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who did the catering?

At 7/16/2008 1:37 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

Don't be surprised if Tushwipe finds a way to introduce a Mormon themed cooking show on FN.

And yeah, it's looks like Big Daddy McCargo might know something we don't know.

Don't forget to do extensive background checks on your winner Lord Tuschman.

At 7/16/2008 1:44 PM , Blogger greenbean said...

LOL! Jacob, I thought the same thing. I did a double take when I saw the bride next to Aaron. And...totally thought that Aaron was looking a bit snazzy. Looking like a winner to me!

At 7/16/2008 2:50 PM , Anonymous Edisto Island Lady said...

Another one who did a double take!

Big Daddy does look very happy... and a lot more at ease.

Congrats to Kelsey and her new hubby!

At 7/16/2008 3:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, people! The man's at a friend's wedding. How's he supposed to look--disheveled and tense?

At 7/16/2008 4:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he wins out of the 3 but I'm afraid it may be Adam. His knowledge and TV persona may just give him the edge.

At 7/16/2008 9:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's looking REALLY happy...and he's the only one who showed up. Surely he won.

At 7/16/2008 10:41 PM , Blogger Sean said...

Is this even about cooking anymore? I'm sorry but Aaron doesn't have the skills. This is another failed food network season.

At 7/17/2008 6:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you sound tense.

At 7/17/2008 11:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

well adam can't cook good meals consistently, lisa(wherever she may be)keeps defending herself which makes a lot of people think that she isn't going to win. then theres aaron who can cook pretty well, has done ok in the challenges, so if you ask me aaron won.

At 7/19/2008 2:43 AM , Anonymous Addictedtotheaddict said...

"...those shades and fancy getup..." He is wearing a Hanes His Way teeshirt to a wedding ceremony. Clearly he didn't win or he could have afforded to buy an actual white oxford shirt to go with his ill fitting Men's Warehouse sports coat. . . Either that or he spent all his money on that lovely pendent he is wearing.

At 7/19/2008 10:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looks "stylish"? WHAT? He looks like be barely tried to look presentable at his friend's wedding! Seriously, I am no fashion maven, but geeze, he could have found something more presentable at Good Will. You people are crazy, that does not look like posh, rich guy. And he's smiling so he knows something we don't? WTF? God, the leaps people make over a gd picture, geesh!


At 7/21/2008 1:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, people -- they are required to keep quiet. It's just his dress style, so what?

Lisa is the one who deserves to win (cooking combined with stage presence), so unless she botches it next week, she's the gal. They can't NOT pick her.

At 7/21/2008 10:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that's nice. Kelsey looks beautiful and I wish her and her new husband every blessing as they start their life together.

Aaron is a NICE GUY. No wonder they couldn't kick him off last night. He really is a good guy. It just comes through.

I don't know if he deserves to win but he sure makes me root for him.

At 7/21/2008 9:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who would spend 30 minutes of their day watching Aaron, Lisa or any of these contestants? I am a loyal FN viewer and feel these have been below the bottom of the barrel contestants available. The FN should get someone with presence and knowledge who grabs and excites the viewers (See Guy for example). This contest should be started over with contestants with cooking chops and personalities that inspire.

At 7/25/2008 4:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food Network just wanted a man to win, which is why they pushed Kelsey out. She was the only possible true star on the contest.

I rather watch granny sew then any of the other contestants


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