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Tuesday, July 8

Mario Batali's Also an Indie Music Star

Mario Batali makes a short cameo in this video for The Bloodsugars' single "Purpose Was Again."

Pretty cool. Love the animation. [RCRDLBL]




At 7/08/2008 6:45 PM , Blogger Sunshine said...

Oh, Mario, how very Method of you. Lee Strasburg would be so proud.

At 7/08/2008 11:25 PM , Blogger Rocco Gibraltar said...

Mario, Mario, Mario....what were you thinking? The orange Crocs were a querky, fun fashion accessiory back in the day.

Repeat after me...My shoes are ugly and now that all the kids had them(even they are post-Croc), I will ditch them, least I get my snausage sized feet caught in the escalator at the mall.

I tried to like the music video, but it did not happen.

But you can cook me a bolognese any day. Just sport a sensible shoe.

At 7/09/2008 4:47 PM , Blogger NotMoira said...

He's rockin' the crocs all the way to the bank.


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