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Monday, September 7

Guess Who: Shirtless Man Edition

Well, this is rare: a Food Network personality who also has biceps and tight abs? (And I'm not talking about those hot air balloon things Robert Irvine has going on... gross.)

Who is it?

(Click on the pic to find out.)

The pics actually came from a 2002 movie, so that might be a hint. He's also going to be a contestant on a popular dance show soon.

Most people starting out probably need to seek out a little more work than 6-12 episodes of a Food Network show provides, so I'm fine with Food Network peeps doing movies. Maybe we'll see Noah Starr in a movie like this soon?

(via Square Hippies)


In honor of Labor Day here in the U.S., I think I'll refrain from doing much labor (i.e.-going to the gym) and instead just hope these muscular pics above just cause some kind of spontaneous spurt in metabolism. We'll see how well that works while I'm eating Labor Day goodies.

And YES, I am working on a write up of What Would Brian Boitano Make? His show has proven to be so... ummm... different that I wanted to see a few episodes before I really took a stance either way. With most Food Network shows, after you've seen one, you've seen them all. Not exactly the case in Boitano's show. So that will be coming. I promise.

I hope everyone has a good holiday (here in the U.S.)! And if you're not, enjoy that Monday wherever you are.




At 9/07/2009 11:45 AM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

" And I'm not talking about those hot air balloon things Robert Irvine has going on... gross.)"

And you go to the gym to work out to get a shape like Duff Goldman ? Or Brian Boitano's pipes ?

At 9/08/2009 12:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt their FN contracts cover any other appearances, so FN is certainly "fine" with it regardless of how you feel. Not that any of them, including Noah, is going to be asked to do a movie anytime soon. And there isn't one of them I'd pay admission to see.

Alec, I wouldn't knock the shape Brian Boitano's in -- most people half his age would do far worse than that. I can't tell from your pic but statistically speaking he could probably take you and outlast anything you have to offer.

At 9/08/2009 1:29 PM , Blogger Attila the Fun said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this WWBBM review! Can I just add a suggestion for your write-up? "Gayest. Show. Ever." in a good way! I'm surprised it's not shown on LOGO yet since it's much funnier than 90% of the programs on there anyway.

At 9/08/2009 2:08 PM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

I am sure Brian Boitano could skate me into the ground. What's his signature move ? The one where he inverts his skates so one toe is pointing in the opposite direction ? Back and forth, back and forth. Many in the figure skating world felt Brian Orser was robbed of the gold medal, but hey can he ever land double flips and double toes.

btw I wasntknocking the shape he was in .Just his puny arms.Jake thought he would bash Irvine's arms for their balloonish size, so I wanted to know what hethought was attractive. Irvine isn't freakishly too large.I'd rather look like Irvine,arms and all ,rather than Duff Goldman. Or Boitano for that matter.


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