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Friday, October 30

Baking Tips from Ace of Cakes' Adam Goldstein

Duff may have lost to Chicago's Cake Girls on yesterday's Oprah Show cake-off (think there may have been a home team advantage, there), but at least his head baker at Charm City Cakes, Adam Goldstein, gets to tell Oprah.com some of his baking tips... one of which is:

"Do not leave cake unattended around vultures, jackals, or underpaid art students."

There are also some practical ones:

"To restrain hair without the stigma of a hairnet, wear a beanie."

And ones I'm sure Ina Garten would disagree with:

"For perfect, easy-to-spread ganache, use slightly more (by weight) cream than chocolate. So if you have 1 1/2 pounds of chocolate, use about 1 3/4 pounds of cream. And make sure to allow for ample time for the ganache to set up."

(Ina would want significantly more (by weight) cream than chocolate in her ganache... and a few sticks of butter for good measure.)

Check out the full list on Oprah.com.


Anyone doing any Halloween stuff tonight? Since it's on a Saturday this year everyone feels the need to have parties on both Friday and Saturday! I still need a costume! Somebody make me a Paula Deen wig, stat!

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At 10/30/2009 8:57 PM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

You forgot a couple Jake.

"Always try to use equal amounts of styrofoam to cake"
"Try to make sure that any loose screws don't find their way in the batter"
" Never smoke a big fatty before an important cake commission".

At 10/31/2009 9:28 PM , Blogger Baking Bread LLC said...

I love Ace of Cakes on the food network. They make everything so well. I watch it all the time and they blow me away everytime.

Jennifer Moore
Baking Bread LLC


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