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Tuesday, November 17

Review: Food Network's Cook Or Be Cooked for Nintendo Wii

I recently had the chance to test out Food Network's first ever Nintendo Wii game "Cook Or Be Cooked," which was released to stores on Nov. 3. Since I don't own a Wii (I'm afraid I'd get addicted... and I'd probably still just want to play old school Mario Bros), I sent it to my friend Daniel, a fellow Food Network addict, to review. Here are his thoughts:

So I was pretty excited to test Food Network's new game for Wii since I'm a big fan of Cafe World on Facebook, however I wasn't so impressed after playing it for 30 minutes. The basic premise of the game is to collect medals for performing cooking tasks at specific times using the Wii remote. Each medal opens a new recipe for you to cook. There appears to be about 20 recipes that you can cook, with each one getting progressively harder and harder. You have to time them correctly in order for the food to be hot when it's served. Food Network was nice enough to include the recipes in the game manual so you can actually cook them in real life.

After cooking in the solo mode, you are judged by Susie Fogelson and Mory Thomas. The Susie character is spot on. I don't ever remember seeing Mory on TV, so I can't say anything about him. After opening up the recipes in solo mode, you can then compete against a second player in dual mode.The downside of dual mode is that you just get scored and you don't see Susie or Mory.

All in all, it's an ok game as long as you know what you're playing. It could potentially improve cooking technique and timing, but since the goal is to cook all the recipes and get a gold medal for each one, when you're done... you're done. Don't really see the replay value in this one.


Thanks Daniel! Hmmm... I guess if you're awesome from the start and get gold medals for every recipe you would get bored pretty quickly with this game. Anyone else out there test it out yet?

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At 11/18/2009 1:13 PM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

These guys at FN will just about swing at any pitch in order to eeek out revenue from just about anyone.

If this is a hit and they come out with a 2nd generation game, maybe include Chef Alex as a judge and let the gaming world know how miserable and nasty she can be.


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