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Tuesday, December 15

Dave Lieberman Resurfaces... Kinda

So a mere two weeks after I publicly pondered the whereabouts of onetime Food Network host Dave Lieberman, he resurfaces... kinda.

He's now a spokesperson for Del Monte! (Actually, a period would have probably been a better punctuation mark to use at the end of that sentence, since there really isn't much to exclaim. I take what I can get when it comes to Dave news, though. Sorry grammarians.)

In the grand tradition of referring to former Food Network hosts as "Food Network host____" for all eternity, Del Monte announced that "Food Network TV host and author" Dave Lieberman would serve as a spokesperson for its ongoing "Value Without Sacrifice" campaign.

"Along with Del Monte, Dave will continue to empower consumers with helpful tips and delicious meal solutions to help them make the most of their grocery budgets - without sacrificing great taste, nutrition, variety or the quality of their fruits and vegetables. Del Monte products have always stood for quality, nutrition and value, and are thus uniquely positioned to meet consumers' needs regardless of the economic environment."

Del Monte should have done everyone a favor and included in this release a note about how hard it might be to find Dave's show on Food Network.

Something like: "Catch Food Network TV host Dave Lieberman's show Good Deal with Dave Lieberman after the Magic Bullet infomercial around 5 a.m. Happy Hunting!"

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At 12/15/2009 6:32 PM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

Oh wow. Dave is gonna show us new recipes using canned corn and pineapple. I can hardly wait.

welcome back Jake. You keeping outta trouble ?

At 12/16/2009 12:10 PM , Blogger jacob said...

yes! are you?

At 12/17/2009 10:01 AM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

Of course. I was wondering why things were slow around here Jake.

Sporadic blog posts and all. You take a job at Charm City as Jr. Exec Sous Chef, Marzipan Div ?

At 12/27/2009 3:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Dave. He was my second-favorite chef on Food Network.

At 1/07/2010 11:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, what happened to the Hearty Boys?

At 1/26/2010 1:12 AM , Anonymous lonbeehold said...

Re The Hearty Boys, no more show, but they are still doing very well here in Chicago with their catering business and a new restaurant.
Dave has a new book out called 10 Things
You Need To Eat. It's co-authored with his Yale roommate, Anahad O'Conner, a health and science reporter for the New York Times.


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