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Thursday, August 31

Dave Does Aphrodisiacs

If you weren't convinced by my first post to enter Dave Lieberman's "America's Healthy Sandwich Showdown," maybe listening to the new podcast will inspire you. Dave sounds a little dead to the world on it, but I'll take what I can get.

As we know, Dave shines when he can be seen (and some would probably argue, not heard).

There's this little animated intro that changes each time you visit foodnetwork.com/davedoes. I think there are 5 in all. Has anyone noticed the "check back every Monday for a new webisode" is not really accurate? They haven't seemed to be coming out on Mondays (I watched this past one last weekend). Oh well. As I said before, the latest one is all about aphrodisiacs.

We learn that Dave's producers have set him up on a blind date (HER name is... something). I don't agree with
Food TV and Me's post that the date (or anything in this webisode, really) was genuine. As we've seen in previous webisodes, Dave Does plays up Dave's comedic side much more. Besides, the whole idea of food as aphrodisiacs is kind of silly.

After meeting with that sweet lady above (she looks annoyed she's not going on a date with Dave) in Balducci's or Whole Foods (which evidently are the only grocery stores in NYC), he meets with the President Emerita of the famed Kinsey Institute. She was a little...

...wacky and reminiscent of a certain red carpet reporter. She made this webisode a little R-rated.

Dave looks thrilled to be rubbin' that oyster.

Finally, he goes home to cook and wait for his hired model, paid actress, blind date.

The whole date conversation is just silly. It ain't real. At one point Dave spills wine all over his face and covers his mouth in chocolate.

In the end, his date ditches him, promising to e-mail poor Dave. All in all, a fun one to watch. NOT real, though (fingers crossed).





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