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Thursday, November 30

Ina Signs Again

FNA reader Becca was nice enough to send in some great photos of Ina at her recent book signing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! That's not an impossible drive from D.C., and I actually considered going, since my last attempt to meet Ina didn't go that well.

Here's part of Becca's story (in green):

I just returned from the Southern Seasons here in Chapel Hill, NC where I got my new copy of Barefoot Contessa at Home signed by Ina Garten herself! Unfortunately my class scheduled did not permit me to be in line at 9:00 am (the signing began at 11:00 am) so I was one of the last to get my book signed, thus there was no "personal message" -- after noon she began signing just her name...

I've heard she does that. Busy lady, she is.

There were over 300 people waiting to have their books signed and although the whole system was a bit confusing, Southern Seasons did a wonderful job accommodating all the extra guests. Ina was the classic Barefoot Contessa with her collar popped and a sweater around her shoulders -- called me a "sweetheart" when I mentioned how much I enjoy her books.

Glad to see she kept everything nice and "good" at the signing=)

I was unable to get a picture with her; her "security" made that quite clear with all the aproned women waiting to shuffle us out of the area once we had our books. I did however happen to snap a few paparazzi-ish photos of her signing the books of the fans behind me.

I love it! Ina has aproned women security guards! They were at the D.C. signing, too.

One thing I never get is how celebrities sign their name:

I can make out the I-n-a, then there's a G-like thing, a-r, big T... and, Ina was done! That's all she needed! Self explanatory, really.

I realize they must get tired writing over and over, but I think there's some secret school where these people learn how to sign their name in weird, artsy ways. If not, I'll start one up=)

This week has been blah. Still recovering and mourning the long weekends of the past. Where are you Christmas?




At 11/30/2006 1:52 PM , Anonymous Harry Martin said...

LOL on the "good water" coffee, etc additions to the photos.


At 12/02/2006 1:52 AM , Blogger Ellen said...

Did you actually talk to her?
I hear she's shy.
I am so sad she didn't come to my neck of the woods in L.A.

At 12/02/2006 3:45 PM , Blogger Becca said...

We exchanged very brief words...mostly I told her I'm a fan and that I and my brother really enjoy her show and her recipes...they always turn out so well. She just kind of smiled, said "thank you" a few times, and then thanked me for coming. She seemed very cheery, but was pretty soft-spoken.

At 12/06/2006 6:37 PM , Anonymous egyptchick7 said...

It seems I had a better experience with her at the Crate and Barrel in Manhattan yesterday. Signing was from 4pm-6pm. I got their at 2 pm and by 4:06 I was out of the store! She gave me a "personal message" I guess bc I was one of the first in line. Personal message simply goes like this:
" For Egyptchick7, Ina Gart(en)"
I told her she was wonderful and I she told me that my name was beautiful. I explained the name by telling her I was egyptian. She told me about how her egyptian's friend's name is Ayam, and feeling the pressure of the line, we both felt I had to move on. She sent me off with a cheery "Happy Holidays" and all I could do was go home and smile.

I wished I would have told her how I tried her apple crisp and it was gone faster than anything I ever made. But I guess I am glad I didn't due to the not so positive experience of one commenter above? I dunno. She is freaking wonderful.

BTW, at this book signing they had samples of her boxed mixes which were the cupcakes, brownies and shortbread cookies. I highly recommend the last two. Also I have a few "paparazzi-esque" pics of her signing as well. It appears she wore the same thing, maybe not, but same red scarf around her neck.


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