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Thursday, November 9

Ina-Day... Celebrate

Wellllllllllll, yesterday was Ina's book signing at Sur La Table here in D.C. (actually, Arlington, if you are checking). I mentioned going to it, and I did, but I was skeptical about actually getting to meet Ina herself.

Starting on Oct. 27, anyone who purchased Ina's new book (see sidebar) could get a ticket to come to the signing. I didn't get around to going over there before yesterday and, thus, didn't have a ticket. In the morning when we called they said it was "sold out," but later on they just said there was a "separate line" for people who chose to come in that day and buy the book, get the ticket, etc. SOOOO... I decided to go check it out, keeping in mind that it was only set to happen between noon and 2 p.m.

When I got there, I knew the line would look like this...

Yeah, I was really hoping to get a popped collar photo with Ina.

You can't really tell from this photo, but it just kept going and going around the side of the building there. Oh well, Ina has lots of fans. I was just kind of annoyed about the different information I kept getting from Sur La Table.

I did however snag some very special, paparazzi-like photos of Ina herself!

I couldn't even see her for the longest time as I looked through the window. Suddenly, I made out her face (thanks to her characteristic twist of hair by her chin).

I wasn't the only one taking pictures through the window, so I hope I'm not made out to be the stalker here=)

I'm sure Ina was there for quite a while, so thoughts must have been running around that noggin like crazy. She seems genuinely happy to meet everyone, though, doesn't she?

I thought about just saying I was there from a food blog and needed to get a photo, but didn't quite have the nerve. Hmmm... maybe someday.

Ina's already in Washington state today, so I wasn't able to just meet up with her afterward for drinks and light conversation.

Check out if she's coming anywhere near you on her book tour page. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did.




At 11/09/2006 1:04 PM , Anonymous Kev said...

My friend and I ventured to the book signing in PA. We were #300something in la long line. The wait was about an hour and 45 minutes for us, and heaven forbid we brought our old Ina cookbooks. The store worker approached us in line saying "did you buy her new book with us...say yes." Well, we did, and were handed a ticket. Upon reaching the table, Ina was a jolly delight (not to mention looking fabulous and classy in her maroon scarf). I snapped some candids as you did, and my heart was warmed for the rest of the day.

Someday she'll cook us a fabulous meal.

At 11/09/2006 3:05 PM , Blogger jrs said...

That's great that you actually got your book signed, kev, and got to meet her-- maroon scarf and all!

I just wish the one here would have been at a different time:-/ I know she had to fly to the west coast later on, but still! =)


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