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Sunday, December 24

Be on the Food Network

For some people, the idea of being on the Food Network might just be the best Christmas present they could receive. So, when I stumbled on this page on Food Network's official Web site I was intrigued.

After first putting out a call to be on the Deen Boys' show Road Wasted (err... tasted), the second listing sounds pretty interesting:

Calling All Stressed Out Tri-State Residents
Are you living a busy life in the tri-state area, working long hours as an executive or racing around with the kids, never finding the time to eat right and take care of yourself? If this sounds familiar, Food Network wants to feature you on an upcoming weight loss and healthy lifestyle primetime special. Interested individuals must live in the tri-state area within commutable distance to New York City and be available during October to work with a famous chef/nutritionist/TV personality for a 10-day period. If interested, send an email with contact information, a current photo and a description about your life, background and why you are interested in this chance to improve your life to: food@picturethistv.com.

Could this "famous chef/nutritionist/TV personality" be the Food Network's own Ellie Krieger?

As I've mentioned before, I really like Ellie, so I'd be interested in seeing how this show turns out if it ends up being with her. I also don't really live in the new york tri-state area, or a "commutable" distance (one hour flight a commute?).

Also, if you're an ultra-last-minute shopper and need a gift idea, I would have liked to recommend this eBay auction Food Network did along with the Share Our Strength organization.

From Nov. 23–Dec. 3 people had the opportunity to bid on the chance to have a one-on-one video conference chat with either Emeril Lagasse or Bobby Flay to get all their culinary questions answered.

It sounded like a fun idea for an auction (as what else could the Food Network auction... food?), but I wish I had heard more about it. Did I just happen to miss any announcements about it? Em & the Bobster aren't my top picks for video chatting, but it'd still be fun.

The winners—culinary students in Texas—paid $360 for this honor. Not sure as to who they chose to chat with (why not both?) but they evidently enjoyed it.

It's Christmas Eve and I am t-i-r-e-d. I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve and wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow. Now that the holiday season is almost over, "Seasons Eatings" on the Food Network will have to go away and some new thing will surely be promoted (Groundhog lunch?).

We'll see what I'm able to whip up tomorrow. I'd like to do a little "12 Daves of Christmas" Sounds fun!

Ho, ho, ho...

PS- How'd they get Ina to agree to do this group photo? She must have left her plantation home for a surprise visit to Jeffrey in the city. Hmm... hope they are enjoying Chanukah fun!

UPDATE:Well, my Food Network addict status was confirmed tonight as I read this article on Newsday.com about Ellie Krieger's new special "10 Days to New You", airing Jan. 6 in which "she meets with three individuals, all battling different kinds of weight and health issues. She takes them through 10 days of easy-to- follow suggestions, hints and tips on how they and you can be on the road to a healthier life and body."

How freaky that I just stumbled on that page on Food Network's Web site and then I read this article later on?




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