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Wednesday, December 20

If Nigella told you to jump off a bridge...

After news in the UK broke that Nigella Lawson had started promoting the joys that is goose fat, millions upon millions of ravenous Londoners (and other people in the UK) stormed to their local supermarkets, waited in line for hours and rampaged through every aisle, bin and freezer case in an effort to hoard every gram of available goose fat, with the hopes of making the ultimate roast potatoes. Containers of goose fat, when we last checked, are selling on eBay for up to $1000 British pounds!

Several unlucky shoppers, arriving late at the market, only to find goose fat-free shelves, even engaged in violence in their quest to obtain this holiday's must-have cooking item. A woman who had spent 5 hours in queue was robbed at gunpoint outside her east London home of her two sacred jars.

Oh wait, I think I'm describing the US's reaction to the sale of
Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Story still applies:-)

NOW, it looks like another delectable delicacy is
"sending shoppers potty" (have no idea what that means) in the UK: prunes. Once again, because of Nigella's promotion.

I wonder what other "delicious" items Nigella might announce as the thing to purchase for the holidays... maybe horse testicles? Monkey brains? Black licorice-flavored gum?

But seriously, the goose fat news is starting to get real gross. Sorry to the goose fat lovers out there. Someone make a "Team Goose Fat" t-shirt, please. But
this article in the London Telegraph says to:

"Use it instead of olive oil to cook with (it makes fantastic fried eggs), or simply eat it on toast in a 21st-century version of bread and dripping."

A 21st-century version of bread and dripping?!?!? Yuck.

"And, should you be contemplating a Christmas-morning swim, a thick layer of goose fat rubbed over the body will keep out the cold. It might be a bit whiffy by tea time, but at least you'll get the sofa to yourself."

Hmm.... perhaps a good idea if the family starts to drive me over the edge. I'll keep that in mind.




At 12/21/2006 11:12 PM , Blogger amanda said...

Lovely post. Can't wait to run out and get me some prunes. Maybe we can make some prune and praline muffins this weekend and rub the muffin pan with goose fat. I bet those muffies will glide out beautifully with the help of the goose fat. Sounds wonderful.

At 12/22/2006 8:24 AM , Anonymous Bkhuna said...

Maybe the goose fat could be used as a salve after whacking Rachel Ray with the aforementioned automobile aerial.


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