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Monday, April 9

Monday Hap Haps

Hello there. Happy Monday to you all.

Did you have an enjoyable Easter weekend? Mine was spent moving from a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator to another 3rd floor apartment with no elevator. For lack of a better expression, it sucked an egg.

In better "egg" news, Jordan posted last week about the official White House Easter egg chosen for the state of Louisiana.

It has a Tiny Emeril! trapped inside. Because we all know what the White House wants us to think of when we think of Louisiana is Emeril and his crazy sayings and shennanigans, not. . .oh, I don't know. . .the fact that much of the state remains an uninhabitable disaster area because of FEMA's mishandling of Hurricane Katrina?

Haha! That is pretty sad that a state with so much history ended up getting Tiny Emeril for its official egg. I wonder what the little childrens out there on the White House lawn think about it?

Oh well. Just don't BAM your eggs into your baskets, kids. You'll wind up breaking 'em!


Trent of pinkisthenewblog.com must have checked out my "Handy Rachael Ray Spelling Guide" because he finally got her name right, today! :-)

Trent originally had some problems here and here, but I forgive him.

No eggs for me this year. No church. Not even any ham. My mom sent me a Panera giftcard-- the modern day equivalent of an Easter basket. :-)

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