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Wednesday, May 9

Jackie's Gym Gets Giada Going

Ahhh!!! Sorry this post is so late-coming. I had it 99% completed and then suddenly "Internet Explorer needed to close." Would you like to send an error report? Umm... no. Thanks a great lot, Bill G.

Anyhow... I'll try to recreate it as best I can. My wordsmithing might not be all that great this time 'round.

As you know, Giada's been filling in on the Today show lately. Her segment with Jackie Warner of Bravo TV's Workout showed us some of the hot exercise moves Giada might be using to work off that extra plate of spa-gheee-teee.

At first, Giada and Jackie stay about two arm length's apart. I don't know if Giada was just nervous about being on live television or if the sight of Jackie in camouflage pants and a sports bra freaked her out.

Trainers have to be physical with their clients, so it's no surprise that Jackie goes in a bit here for the simple pat of the shoulder.

Giada seems a bit freaked after Jackie tells her to "get down." What did she expect? Did she not see the workout mat? She think Matt Laurer was going to do that part?

Then... the moment many have been waiting for:

Jackie probably calls this the "rear-straddle-hip-holding-pushup-assist" move. This is where Giada and Jackie become more than just two celebrities on TV, but a singular entity.

They become: Giackie!

Or is it Jacada?

Only problem with this singular sensation is that Giada ain't really having it. She gets up to do some common lunges while holding gallons of milk.

She's a bit better at these, but not really up to par. Poor Giackie!

Hey-- you know Ina's been on the Today show before.

I wonder what she would have said if Jackie told her to get down and do some pushups:

Ina! Such language! Don't make her mad, though, with pushup requests. You gotta live and learn (Joe Public style).

Jacada hug and make up. And the segment is fin!

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At 5/09/2007 8:47 PM , Blogger Marc said...

Just a suggestion: you should consider Firefox, since it doesn't pull that crap like IE does, and is a lot safer, and faster.

I really like your blog. I'm new to this blog, but not the whole concept of criticizing food network chefs. I'm a member at SemiHorrible and Rachael Ray Sucks, at LiveJournal.

At 5/09/2007 9:11 PM , Blogger jacob said...

marc: i was just reading about Firefox and how it started, today. i know i should switch:-/ i will. today. thanks!

At 5/10/2007 8:22 AM , Blogger JordanBaker said...

I vote for Jacada--it sounds awesomer.

At 5/10/2007 5:35 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I'd be a little intimidated of Jackie, myself!

At 5/11/2007 12:23 PM , Blogger jacob said...

jordan: that was jared's suggestion. you always take his side! ;-)

jennifer: who wouldn't?

At 5/13/2007 1:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Just happened upon this blog and it is Hysterical!!! :)))

At 5/13/2007 4:48 PM , Anonymous Emilie said...

LOL-so funny!
I like it how you break down this segment, bit by bit.

At 5/22/2007 10:44 PM , Anonymous Mark said...

Wow, that is hilarious! Love the Barefoot Contessa comment.


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