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Sunday, August 5


Here's some questions or comments that I want to reply to:

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda curious who are the chefs that you are refering to that are "slowly getting kicked off the network"? I guess I'm just not as intuitive as you are. haha.

Umm... I feel bad that Dave has gotten moved to 7:30 a.m., for one. Check out my "Is Dave Dunzo with FN" post for more on that one. I'm still hoping for a miracle.

Recipe Tweaker said...

Does anyone else think that Rachaels new look is a little much for day time television? Don't get me wrong, I think she looks better now than she used to...but, between the eye makeup, dark hair and the outfits she wears (Im talking about her new talk show, btw) kinda make her look like she is ready to go out to the club...ok, I was trying to be as nice as possible...what I really meant to say was she kinda looks like a hooker....

...did I mention I heart rachael? haha ;-)

Hmmm... I do think she looks more done up, but I wouldn't go as far to say she's looking like a hooker. Look at Oprah these days. She has dark eye makeup, big eyelashes, diamonds, etc.

Also, anything is better than those days of the jeans and tucked-in, too-tight t-shirts from seasons 1-4 of 30MM.

Jesse said...

Can't wait to see Ina's new kitchen, but I like her old one...I hope she oversees the design...you know it will JUST be South Hampton classic! I'm sure she'll invite the gays over for a big dinner party to celebrate once it is up and running!

I hope so. How can I get invited?!?!

I always wondered if Sandra Lee's set was a set or a real house. Sometimes it looks very "fake" out the window. BUT - I saw a Thanksgiving special last year where she actually saw wild turkey's running around outside that window as she was cooking a turkey. It was a very "meta" moment. Was that a video? B/c it certainly looked like wild turkey's running on lush green hills - not Brooklyn! :-)

I actually don't remember this episode. That's hilarious, though. I do remember one of her "in the backyard" which was obviously a different location.

BTW - *LOVE* the picture where Rachel says "this kitchen isn't orange enough!" Perfect! :-)


*Does anyone know which Robin Miller kitchen came first and which came second? Its bugging me! :P

The one with the window and cars driving by is new. The old, warmer one where Robin had the more "I'm a mom!" look wasn't really doing it for me, though. Not to say I love this new one, either. Sigh.

Pat said...


Old Robin Miller = oval window, more severe make-up, cheesy theme song (Everybody sing! "Out the door / Beat the clock...It's crazy / But I love it / I love this crazy liiiiiiife!"

New Robin Miller = larger window with filmed car chase sequences, overall much larger workspace, very straight hair, melodic opening sequence with a font that resembles that Line Rider game.

Hahaha.... i HATE that song. And great reference with Line Rider. Thanks!

Marc said...

Oh yeah, and buy an exhaust hood for the range you don't use. Ovens don't need an exhaust hood!

Caught yah, Rach!
Anonymous said...

Paula Deen's original kitchen was actually not even in her own house - it belonged to Gordon Elliott her producer.

Really? Why'd he have a home in Savannah?
Mark said...

I watched that "Rachael Ray's open house"...well twice. It was painful. The "guests" were just so uncomfortable in front of the camera.

One more thing I don't like about the new 30-minute meal: She talks for like 2 minutes when the fridge is open! That's not right.

Didn't that mom ever teach her anything!

Sue said...

I don't know which is funnier, your posts or the comments you get.

I know! That's why they're getting their own post today.

Anonymous said...

Last night i dreamed that Rachel and i were riding on the back of a giant polar bear named Smoochly. We were looking for a colony of gnomes who had taken all the strawberries then we were on an ice shelf and Smoochly and Rach disappeared and a giant shark was trying to attack me, but If I siad the word "muffin" out loud just before he bit me i could levitate away from its jaws. Then I was in an old house and found some coins in the wall and then i woke up.

My dream, too! Only the polar bear was named Smoochily.

Gen said...

If Robin Miller ate a donut she look like she swallowed an innertube.

Seroiusly, she looks as if she's anorexic. Mebbe she only eats the few bites she cooks on her show.


Nice mental image.
Gen said...

I love her kithen on her talk show set. The pantry doors with the chalkboard on the fron is too fabu. The whole kitchen is fabu.

Didja see how she's pimping garbage bowls now? Something in my brain says WTF? and another part of my brain says I gotta get me one of those. Crazy!

I like the talkshow set, too. I haven't seen the GB sale yet, though. Not surprised in the slightest!


Okay, that was fun. I appreciate all the comments like always and wanted to make special note of them today. Like Sue said, a lot of the times they're funnier than my posts!

Ingrid Hoffman was one this morning when I woke up. I still haven't gotten around to getting some screen caps from her show so I can post about it. So far, I think the show is okay. She's a little too cheery for me (I think Ina would lose her mind in the kitchen with her), but she seems to know her stuff*.

Have a great Sunday!

*- This implies that I don't know all that much about traditional Latin cuisine. Just like Giada is to Italian food, I don't expect Ingrid to comply with every rigid rule there is to cooking "latina style."




At 8/05/2007 12:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered the Food Network at the end of February and was instantly hooked. But I don't like some of the recent changes.

I much preferred Rachel's earlier looks and her earlier set.

I don't know what they're thinking with the new schedule. For example, yesterday, Saturday, from 8:30am on there were nine shows in a row with female hosts. I gave up after six. I need some men mixed in.

They moved Michael Chiarello to far too early Sunday morning. I'm not up that early, so I won't be seeing him on the weekend anymore. I used to really look forward to him in the afternoon.

Dave Lieberman is also on way too early, so I'm missing him too.

Sad to say, but I watch the Food Network much less since they changed the schedule around.

And why on earth does programming start so late during the week? Seems people are up earlier during the week, getting ready for work and stuff, than they are on the weekend where they might want to sleep in a little.

At 8/05/2007 3:52 PM , Anonymous Kev said...

On Sandra's Chefography, the set, sadly, was shown to be a semi-homemade house. I can only imagine the rooms were built in an old brothel.

At 8/06/2007 8:38 AM , Anonymous Jeff said...

Gordon Elliott's farmhouse was, IIRC, in upstate New York. It wasn't even in Savannah or suburbs thereof(funny she found people with southern accents down the road, huh?). Back in the day, some of Paula's shows on location were done, in part, in and around Savannah. And "Paula's Party" seems to be an adaptation of her yearly cooking classes at her restaurant. Sandra Lee's regular episodes are taped in a Brooklyn, NY, studio(mentioned on both "FN: Unwrapped" and her "Chefography" segment).

At 8/07/2007 9:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard this in several of her interviews, on her chefography and here:
Paula's Home Cooking was originally taped in Millbrook, New York (according to her magazine's debut issue), at the home of Gordon Elliott, the show's executive producer. Paula mentioned in an interview aired on the March 13, 2006, edition of The Daily Buzz that the next batch of episodes of her show will be taped at her home in Savannah, Georgia. According to the first of those episodes, actual production at her new Savannah home began in November 2005.

At 8/18/2007 9:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

An old Paula fall episode, I think it was a Halloween one, threw me for a loop until I learned she was, at that time, filming in upstate NY. (I started watching her once she moved to her home local for shows). It showed her all bundled up like it was zero degrees out and every single tree had shed its leaves.

Being a NC gal, I puzzled and puzzed as to how all the leaves could be gone and it could be that cold, especially during the day, in Savannah, GA. It sure isn't that cold in SE NC on Halloween so it really drove me nuts figuring it out. Made sense when I found out it was upstate NY. My husband who is from Maine, says they usually have first snowfal by Halloween.

Of course, I think all that's insane..snow period much less in October? Anywho, now I've babbled too much, sorry!
(Silly, I know)

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