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Saturday, October 20

It's Getting/Still Hot in Hurr

Well, since the Earth is confused and it's still almost 80 degrees in late October, I thought some nice scenes of Aunt Sandy on the beach would be appropriate.

I don't know why I've never posted this AMAZING video of Sandra Lee which correlates with one my most-commented-on posts ever.

"Woo! Woo! That's some beautiful things here."

A big thanks to Matt for posting this!




At 10/21/2007 6:21 PM , Blogger Marc said...

I bet during Take One of SemiHomemade the real Brycer was sitting too close to the waves and was washed away. But looks like replacement Brycer is staying the background as usual...

At 10/30/2007 10:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOSER!! This woman is a joke. Semi-homemade? Why bother - just buy everything at the store. Isn't the idea of the FN to teach people how to cook? Not how to buy a bunch of groceries and add some sprinkles or whip cream and call it your own...what a waste of time.


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