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Wednesday, November 21

I Was Right

Thankfully, there will be no Singin' in the Kitchen show on Food Network, which I correctly predicted would be a Throwdown, after reports surfaced last week of its "inaugural episode" taping.

WKRN in Nashville has some exclusive footage from the taping, although it's pretty useless. Bobby says something about wanting to have enough for everybody... and that's it.

What I DIDN'T predict was that Bobby would be doing another Throwdown while in Nashville! This one was for "ice pops," which the Nashville Scene blog Bites has the scoop on.

I love that the word Posicle® was off-limits during this taping. Hasn't that word entered our lexicon in much the same way that Xerox, Kleenex and Rollerblades have? Are we really worried about an "ice pop" lawsuit? :-)


I can almost taste the turkey.

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