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Thursday, March 20

Chefography Returns to Food Network

While no one can beat the Chefography of Sandra Lee (I love revisiting this post from time to time when I need another glimpse of Florence Henderson on that krazy Kurtain Kraft kouch), take a look at these upcoming Chefographies:

Premieres: Monday, April 7th at 9PM
With her unmistakably expressive voice, Julia Child invited everyday people into her TV kitchen and introduced them to exciting new ways of preparing food. Julia was not a natural born cook … until one bite of a buttery French dish helped change everything. With passion, charm, and impeccable timing, Julia captivated generations of viewers and helped change the way America cooks.

Premieres: Tuesday, April 8th at 9PM
Wolfgang Puck – one of the most famous names in the culinary world who changed the way Americans eat. Mixing classical French techniques along with Asian and California influences and the highest quality ingredients, Wolfgang created a completely new style of cuisine. Once Wolfgang invented pizza with smoked salmon and caviar, contemporary fine dining in cities across the nation, and the world, would never be the same.

Premieres: Wednesday, April 9th at 9PM
It began as a humble series of instructional cooking shows with budgets so small that once the cameras started rolling they would not stop … for anything. But by tapping into America’s love affair with food, Food Network has transformed itself into the ultimate stage for superstar cooks and the fans who love them.

Premieres: Thursday, April 10th at 9PM
Before Ace of Cakes became an overnight sensation on the Food Network, Duff Goldman and his eccentric supporting staff, embarked on a unique journey to the spotlight. Chef Duff's background is a story of childhood rebellion, art, music and culinary adventures – including a raucous stint at Burger King, a wild ride at a prestigious pastry school, and a job at one of the best restaurants in the world. His diverse experiences and determination led Duff to hire his friends and open one of the most creative, successful and entertaining bakeries in the nation: Charm City Cakes.


Very interesting! I'm glad they're highlighting Julia Child and Wolfie. And a Chefography on Food Network itself? We haven't had a good look into the network since the Unwrapped episode on Food Network, so that should be good.

Any others you'd like to see?

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At 3/20/2008 1:26 PM , Blogger Sarah Clark said...

When are we getting AB already??? I'd actually watch that one...

(and why does a network need an autobiography?)

At 3/20/2008 1:58 PM , Blogger yoshi said...

My problem with this shows is that they focus on "chefs" that are only on the food network or ... well ... dead. All very self serving.

PBS's chef story is much better because they a) focus on chefs and b) are actually interesting

At 3/20/2008 2:16 PM , Blogger Keith said...

I like to believe that AB is smart enough to have only so much involvement with the Food Network.

At 3/20/2008 2:58 PM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I think Chefography should focus on some of the people that blazed trails and left indelible marks on the culinary trail.

People like Roger Verge, Jeremiah Tower , Alice Waters, Freddy Girardet Jacque Pepin, why not even tell the youngsters about Escoffier ?

I think chefs around the world are sort of insulted when cable tv networks start hailing those on their payroll as "chefs" .

Scripps should rename this show FoodPersonalityography.

At 3/20/2008 5:58 PM , Blogger Timotheus said...

What, no Robert Irvine?

At 3/20/2008 7:26 PM , Blogger Ergeheilalt said...

I'd like to see a chefography on Morimoto (woohoo, butchered his name!)

And, well, the Frugal Gourmet.

At 3/21/2008 7:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed that with as long as AB has been on the network that they haven't done anything on him yet... They're now just getting to one on Julia Child! Not sure why that surprises me--but--you'd think that one of those too would have been done before now. I mean she's likely the hero of probably everyone and anyone who has cooked for the network or even thought about it. Instead their series has focused on such cooking/television catastrophes as Aunt Sandy! A shame!

At 3/21/2008 9:17 AM , Blogger jacob said...

sarah: Alton is known to be a very private person. I'm even told he has/had a few stalkers, so perhaps a Chefography that highlights his personal life story isn't what he's into. Just a guess. As far as the autobiography goes, I'm sure it was something that was planned but they couldn't figure out how to categorize the special, so they just stuck it in with the chefographies.

yoshi: wolfgang ain't dead, but I know what you mean.

keith: probably right. he's too busy to sit down for one of these things, anyhow.

alec: I'm sure if the Julia Child and Wolfgang ones do well, they'll consider doing more for non-FN chefs.

timotheus: I seem to remember hearing they had done one for him. I suppose that's being shelved for now.

erge: Morimoto's would be great. I still can't believe I was sitting next to him on the couch in Miami.

anon: see response #1. I feel like the network has come to understand that these specials don't just need to be marketing tools for chefs already on the network. Perhaps we'll start seeing many more specials on food icons.

At 3/21/2008 9:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsey, Eric Rippert, Lidia Bastianich Anthony Bourdain. LOL. And my fav Tom Collichio.

At 3/21/2008 10:17 PM , Anonymous We Are Never Full said...

As you may remember, the best way I'll remember Tom collichio from now on is that the gay community think he's a "bear". LOL. Look it up if you don't know what that mean.

Ahem, anyway, I think food network blows and this crappy attempt at "chefography" makes me sick. That Ass of Cakes idiot is on the same series as Julia Child? give me a break. Julia is rolling around in her grave as I write knowing that she was spotlighted on the same show that highlighted another amazing, talented and highly trained chef - Sandy Lee.

Give me a break. Can someone poke me when the Food Network becomes relevant again?

amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

At 3/23/2008 10:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chefography: Jaque Pepin. Hello? Can the french brother get some love?

At 3/24/2008 10:45 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

I know you love the Ace of Cakes crew and all, but did I see somewhere that someone referred to Geoff and Mary Alice as "chefs" ?


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