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Wednesday, July 9

That's What I Get For Posting In Advance

Well, I've learned a small lesson one day into this vacation: Do not try to post about events in the news before they occur. Things always seem to find a way of changing, and when you're on an airplane or cruiseship it's sometimes hard to update.

ANYhow-- today's post about Paula Deen's commercial shoot was actually written up on Monday, and set to autopost this morning.

The original article I referenced indicated that spectators would be welcome for Paula's commercial shoot. Well, since Monday, that article's been updated with the following:

"Paula Deen appearance not public"

SMITHFIELD - Food Network personality Paula Deen will stop in Smithfield this week to film a commercial, but her visit will not be open to the public.

What's the sudden change of heart, Paula? Afraid the protesters will show up?

Sorry about that!




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