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Tuesday, September 9

Isaac Mizrahi is NOT that Big a Fan of Food Network

Well, Bruce Seidel's first official webisode of The FN Dish is up and running, and his first guest is Food Network's "big fan" Isaac Mizrahi.

[Video Removed]

Isaac, who claims to watch Ace of Cakes religiously, says he wants to "be one of those fat girls who rolls out marzipan all day" and live in a clubhouse where "the fatter you get the more fabulous they like you."

Hmm... how does one love someone more fabulously?

I really want to write something like:
Those "fat girls who roll out marzipan" all day DO NOT sit around wishing they were some coked-out designer living in a clubhouse where the more Target dresses they design the more fabulous they like you.

... but that would be mean.

Isaac also claims to love "every single one of them" on the show... like Mary ELLEN.

Isaac: you're uninvited to the Mary ALICE fan club!

Points for mentioning Sandra Lee, though.

Isaac did get one thing right:
When asked what he hates on the network, Isaac held up the picture of Guy Fieri.

UPDATE: Food Network has pulled the video from the FN Dish page. I took it down, too, just in case it was still live. I realize Isaac was trying to be funny, but it just came across as offensive.

Great first episode, Bruce!

P.S.- Mary Alice emailed me to let me know how hurt she was by the video. I won't go into details, but let's just say Isaac Mizrahi is in no place to be talking shit about one of Food Network's most succesful shows.

Let that be a lesson to you all. Don't fuck with Ace of Cakes! (Sorry to the kiddies who are reading, but in this case it was the only appropriate word.)

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At 9/09/2008 7:14 AM , Anonymous Erik H. said...

Guy Fieri loves you.

At 9/09/2008 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

awe! I hope Mary Ellen doesn't see this. I mean she must know she is big, but she's still a girl!

At 9/09/2008 9:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is he implying that everyone on Ace of Cakes is fat?

At 9/09/2008 10:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is an egomaniacal loser who hasn't been relevant in about a decade. The only people who find him important are middle-American housefraus.

At 9/09/2008 11:03 AM , Anonymous Alec Smart said...

That was pretty tasteless to single out the girls on Ace of Cakes. Also fruitcakes like Mizrahi should also know they roll fondant most of the time, not marzipan.

Someone said this dude hasn't been relevant in a decade.

Was he ever relevant ? His line at it's peak point in popularity was just quite average compared to his contempararies and had no staying power whatsoever.

What Mizrahi does for Target could be compared to say Bobby Flay or Princess Giada working at Subway or KFC.

The guy is class A loser in many fields and taking a swipe at these girls just makes him look like a bigger tool than he is.

At 9/09/2008 11:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you Jacob for calling this fool out! What an ass he is.

At 9/09/2008 1:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, what a jerk. Mary Smith knows he's talking about her. I enjoy her on the show, who cares what size she is!

At 9/09/2008 1:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with him on Guy Fieri, though. Whatever made anybody at FN think he's so great is beyond me.

I'd like to slap those backwards sunglasses right off of his head.

And what's with the last name being pronounced "Fi-eddy"? Another case of someone intentionally choosing certain words to pronounce in a non-English way (aka Giada)? Gag.

At 9/09/2008 1:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a fucking asshole.

At 9/09/2008 3:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is Mary Ellen? It's Mary ALICE asshole. No class.

At 9/09/2008 4:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for having our back, J.

Love You Madly,

Mary Alice

At 9/09/2008 5:36 PM , Blogger sadie pink said...

Wow, and I used to like him!

At 9/09/2008 6:23 PM , Blogger Timotheus said...

Not a surprise. What a jerk. Go OD already, Isaac.

At 9/09/2008 6:46 PM , Blogger Charles said...

Remember that show he had on Style Network? That show was a total disaster. It was all over the place. Quite hideous.

At 9/09/2008 7:14 PM , Blogger Alejandro said...


At 9/09/2008 8:26 PM , Anonymous Gen said...

I think his head was shoved in his ass. Like normal.

Mary Alice...we love you!

At 9/09/2008 8:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isaac Mizrahi is becoming more irrelevant by the minute.

Why do we even care what his opinion is on anything?

At 9/10/2008 7:43 AM , Blogger Terry B said...

Mary Alice is DA BOMB!

At 9/10/2008 10:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty cheesy for FN to release this spot at all considering the malicious content, but as we all know FN will do anything whatsoever to ever fill airtime.

I find Mizrahi's comments not only funny but hypocritical. I have a sneaking suspicion the guy is probably pretty soft and pudgy himself, and judging by the enormous size of his pumpkinhead, the rest of it is probably a big tub of goo.

I think Mizrahi should apologize for his comments and for being such a dick .

At 9/10/2008 2:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised Mizrahi's first bit of exposure on Food Network would be because of the type of vegetables he inserts into his ass, not insulting some of it's stars.

At 9/11/2008 9:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary Alice rocks!!!!

At 9/12/2008 10:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that FN pulled the Mizrahi video. Wish they were as quick to respond, withdraw, or massively edit Paula's Party episodes of the trashy comments and tacky gestures by the star of the show. BTW, wasn't Mizrahi on a recent episode of PP -- maybe that's where he learned his tackiness.

At 9/14/2008 3:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mizrahi was on PP and he was an idiot as usual. I don't know anything other than what I read here, but I know that the times I have watched IM on any show he and the show were ridiculous.

Mary Alice, Duff, Geoff, and the rest of the cast are great. They are so much fun because they are so normal.

Rock on Ace of Cakes...


At 9/14/2008 5:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anybody mentioned to Isaac (oh, the horror!) that his clothing at Target comes in sizes up through "plus" size 3X? I think Mary Alice should get herself to Target, buy one of his dresses in her very lovely, voluptuous, pretty size, and wear in on the next epi of Ace of Cakes!

At 9/18/2008 11:33 AM , Anonymous Addictedtotheaddict said...

Isaac is just pissed that his show was canceled.

Ace of Cakes rocks! Its the one show on FN that has stayed true to itself.


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