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Friday, July 31

Stars Come Out for NYC 'Julie & Julia' Premiere

Giada De Laurentiis looked kind of lonely out there at the L.A. premiere of 'Julie & Julia.' She would have had better company at the New York City premiere last night. Take a look:

Ever-present Katie Lee Joel showed up because she has to be at things like this (probably pitched a few more shows to Food Network while in attendance) and 5 Ingredient Fix host Claire Robinson did her best Rachael Ray impression.

Oh wait... Rachael really was there!

Looks like Rach is trying to one-up Sandra Lee's sideboob pic from Out magazine! (Actually this is starting to be a common look for Ms. Ray).

And then, the couples I'm sure are on a double date tonight: Anthony Bourdain and his wife & Sandra Lee with boyfriend Andrew Cuomo.

You know Aunt Sandy couldn't let Bourdain just walk by without a word from her! In a blog post he entitled "A Drive By Shooting," Bourdain describes his encounter with the mistress of tablescapes:

"Now, I've said some unkind things over the years about Sandra. Far too many and far too terrible things to ever apologize for. Plus, I pretty much meant every word. Once you've seen Sandra making Kwanzaa Cake on YouTube, there's no backing down . My head is reeling with the thought that one phone call from Cuomo and my last twenty years of tax returns are getting audited . I'm paralyzed, wondering what the statute of limitations is on various things I may or may not have done twenty years ago."

Ha! It's always interesting to hear about what happens when people like this run into each other. I'm waiting for the day that Guy Fieri confronts me... not exactly shivering in my boots, though.

Have a good weekend!


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At 8/03/2009 5:49 PM , Blogger Charles said...

Am I the only one that wants to swirl and flick my tongue in Rach's cleavage? She is sooooo CUTE!

At 8/04/2009 8:56 AM , Blogger el chef carlitos said...

sadly enough, yes you are the only one that is that sick,, RR cleavage..she says,,hahahahahhahaha
.. that charly girl is funny ....

now jacob , guy fiery is waiting the right person or moment to make him come out of the closet, so,, hey jacob.......just saying..

At 8/08/2009 11:58 AM , Blogger Vegies said...

RR isn't going anywhere!!! The money is too important to her. Just wish she would loose that short mullet hair cut and wear clothes that fit her. Made some of her recipie's, she just copies everyone else and because she adds a different ingredient she says it hers.

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