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Monday, August 10

Duff Goldman Issues Pie Eating Challenge to Chicago Writer

In response to the harsh words exchanged back and forth between Duff Goldman and the Time Out Chicago writer who recently insinuated that Grape Juice Records, the label that Duff's band soihadto is signed to, scored a Charm City Cakes cake for its upcoming anniversary party thanks to some insider backscratching, Grape Juice Records, on behalf of Duff, challenged the writer to a pie eating contest to settle the whole matter.

That kid from Stand By Me does kinda look like a younger Duff, no? Duff might have an unfair advantage going into this thing.

On behalf of Duff Goldman and the band ...soihadto..., Grape Juice
Records issues the following formal challenge to you:

In light of all the recent internet hubbub regarding miscommunications, and in an attempt to have some fun with this, we come to propose that this dispute be settled like gentlemen. We challenge you to come to Double Door on the evening of September the third, 2009 to put this disagreement to rest in a most honorable fashion: a pie eating contest. Whomever consumes the most amount of pie in three minutes time shall be declared the winner.

If you win, Duff will sit down with you and gladly answer any questions honestly and earnestly. If Duff should win, you must admit that ...soihadto... is the greatest rock band of all time. Either way, a good time will be had and pies (and cake) will be eaten. The only question now is: will you accept this challenge as it has been presented to you? Please respond in a timely fashion.

Grape Juice Records

The writer, David Tamarkin, reportedly declined gracefully, citing his desire to remain anonymous as his main reason.

Boo! I wanna see some pie eating! Guess Duff will have to have the contest by himself.

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At 8/13/2009 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Duff is kind of coming across as a jerk (see last post about Duff's original response.)

OF COURSE it was a case of "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Duff's the owner, shouldn't he be able to do that?

Still, Duff's response was childish.


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