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Friday, October 2

Mary Alice Is Looking Good!

My buddy Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes has always been a fine lookin' lady (just check out this darling account of my visit to meet her almost THREE YEARS AGO!), but I am now officially shocked and amazed by this little skinny minnie appearing before me in this MedifastMaryland ad!

Mary Alice lost 42 lbs the ad proclaims. Wow!

I don't know what you have to fast on to lose 42 lbs, but I'm sure it's not all the leftover cake they have sitting around the bakery.

Looking good, MAlice!

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At 10/02/2009 1:28 PM , Blogger Alec Smart said...

Wow, good for her. We were getting alarmed there for awhile.

Maybe Goldmember should take notice and sign up next.

At 10/03/2009 2:07 AM , Blogger Rick B. said...

If it's a happy thing for her and done in a healthy manner, great. Frankly, though, I've always admired her, curves and all. Well rounded women are hot.

At 10/04/2009 7:24 AM , Blogger khanada said...

Oh wow! Good for her! Though between her and Alton having lost insane amounts of weight, it makes me wonder who's next!

At 11/06/2009 5:28 PM , Blogger lee said...

Congratulations to her for weight loss and her much better looking hair. Unfortunately, I still stopped watching the program because of her too frequent comments and, of course, the total irrelevance of Duff Goldman himself.

Talk about a way to ruin a show.

At 2/24/2010 11:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone is hilarious... and i love mary alice, bigger or smaller. she's one witty, groovy chick.

At 7/11/2010 9:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think she looks a little anorexic.


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