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Tuesday, February 9

Worst Cooks' Beau MacMillan Arrested

First Anne Burrell, co-host of Worst Cooks in America, got sued for discrimination. Now reports have come in that the other co-host, Beau MacMillan, was arrested in Scottsdale!

The arrest was for something pretty boring (nothing like the accusations against Anne in the lawsuit mentioned above): failure to appear in court over a suspended license and some other minor charges.

Still, Beau better watch it if he wants to come back for a second season!

[Thanks Adam for the tip!]

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At 2/09/2010 10:36 PM , Anonymous Anne said...

arrested? that's beaunanas!

what a serious beau pas.

unbeaulievable. this could be terribeau in regards to future seasons of worst cooks.

omg i am so sorry

At 2/11/2010 10:57 AM , Blogger BAN said...

從來名利地,皆起是非心。 ..................................................


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