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Monday, March 31

Whistle me a Ditty, Duff

Sometimes I have to work really hard to find something to post about on this blog; I'll dig through hundreds of Google Alerts looking for something interesting or watch and re-watch shows on my DVR to inspire me.

Other times, I'll see something obvious (like Giada having a baby) that I just need to post.

And then other times, something freaky happens: I'll randomly turn on Fox in the morning (which I NEVER do-- I'm a Today show guy) and see Duff Goldman making a cake, or I'll stay home and randomly catch Mario Batali on Martha Stewart's talkshow (again, never watch the show normally).

Last night was even weirder.

I was working on my "Giada has her baby" post and the TV was on in the background. Suddenly I heard a very familiar ditty. It was a song I can only describe as "the whistle song" that's used in the background of Ace of Cakes from time to time.

You've heard it, right?

The same whistlin' ditty was suddenly playing in last night's episode of the ABC reality show Oprah's Big Give (not that I'm watching Oprah reality shows every Sunday night... I DO have a life. Or apparently not.)

After hearing and recognizing it, it was then that I realized I have a gift: I am Food Network's psychic friend.

I'm thinking of starting a 1-900 number. Perhaps I could give Rachael some advice on the future? Let Paula know if the butter she consumes today will contribute to her eventual cardiac arrest? Tell Ina that Jeffrey will be late for dinner?

I am to Food Network what Whoopi Goldberg was to Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

This could be very lucrative. I might have to put some feelers out to the infomercial agents of the world and let them know it's high-time we get another quality psychic infomercial on the airwaves, now that Miss Cleo is defunked. I'm sure Dionne Warwick is available to co-host.

And we know Rachael's got the $3.99/minute to spare.

I'll update you if/when I develop Carrie-like telekinesis powers. That seems like the next logical step. Paula Deen's perfect meatloaf won't get a rich tomato sauce topping but a bucket of pig's blood!

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At 4/03/2008 12:32 AM , Blogger amanda said...

Did you really just reference Miss Cleo!?!? CLASSIC!

At 1/15/2011 1:10 AM , Anonymous Addict Shorts said...

I loved watching the video. So classic!


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